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New Domain

There are now 2 new easy domains to get to this site.

http://jayslife.com and http://staysea.com

They are active as of today.

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How was your Friday?


I must say, it was a good day. Had a lot of work to do though, had to move that umbrella stand as the sun moved. Really tired, decided to have a nap. Hope you had a good Friday too.

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Birds Reference

Thank goodness for the blog. I desided today it was a good idea to compile a list of all the birds and their ages in case we need to go to the vet. I was able to use my entries on the blog to figure out when we got all of the birds and the pictures of them to estimate their ages at the time.
I’m going to follow this up with weighing them every week to better track their health.

Wynnie – born August 2001 – female
-crop infection Summer 2002
– stopped flying 2001/2002
– current age: 3.75 years

Icarus – adopted December 2003 – male
– adult at the time of adoption
– current age: approx. 2-3 years

Daxx – born November 2003 – male
-current age: 1.5 years

Glacier – adopted March 2004 – male
-11 months old at time of adoption
– current age: 2.5 years

Vegas – adopted March 2004 – male
-11 months old at time of adoption
– current age: 2.5 years

Icebyrg – adopted July 2004 – female
– 4 years old at the time of adoption and in poor health
– current age: 5 years

Timmie – adopted November 2004 – male
– adult at the time of adoption, good health, hand raised single
– current age: approx. 1.5 years

Ty – born February 2005 – male
– clipped March 2005, not grown back May 2005
– current age: 3 months

Eddie – adopted May 2005 – male
– young at the time of adoption, raised single, found outside
– current age: 6 months-1 year

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Flock Updated

Every once in a while I feel the need to post a picture of all my birds with their names beside them, this is partly so that if I die at least there is a record of their names and partly so that my mom, grandma and Jason can study it and learn their names. (Jason during a recent quiz scored 8/9 at guessing their names, his highest score yet)
Posting this picture today breaks my heart because its missing some of my most beloved birds. Marygold, Monet and Bogart who are no longer with us who I love so much and miss every single day.
We also have a couple of new arrivals, Tyberius and Sidewalk Eddy. We bought Ty at PetCetera (the Mississauga petstore that is partnered with the Mississauga Humane Society) because we just thought she was beautiful. Sidewalk Eddy joined us earlier this week after a MHS vollunteer found him on the sidewalk while he was walking his foster dogs.
Please feel free to download this picture as a reference guide before you visit next time (Mom!). Hahaha

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Staysea’s Coming Home

Picture 1Staysea is on her way back from visiting Vancouver. Can’t wait till she gets home, I really miss her when she’s gone.

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1200505021950-1Staysea and I did our first batch of wine last night. 31 bottles for $110, that’s not too bad. I think that if we like this, it may be our more regular occurrence, normally at the LCBO, 31 bottles would be much closer to $300-$400. We did a Chardonnay, might try a red next time, maybe a Shiraz.

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Oh the excitement!

So, this weekend was awesome! Janine, Glenn, Jason and I threw an awesome Co-ed Wedding Shower party for Melissa and Paul!
We carried on the night with rocking karoke at IT on Dundas which was wicked! I got to do a duet of Daughter by Pearl Jam with Mr. Garner who showed me up good.
Everyone had a good time and John even got to have a little party in the back seat of a female cops car before we dragged him away and made him come home with us. Speaking of John, he’s my new hero of all heros. John cooks, and not only does he cook he cooks awesome deep fried food! And on top of that he’s great kitchen company! I’m not sure if John reads this blog but Thank-you x 1,000,000 either way!

Speaking of cooking, wont be cooking again for quite sometime and I imagine Glenn feels the same way about cleaning dishes (*wink* thanks Glenn).

In other awesome news I passed my stats course that I thought for sure I’d failed!! I was so excited I went skipping out the front door to tell Jason on my sprained knee. I’ll be sitting right here for the rest of the day. I PASSED STATS!!! YAY!! I get to sit all day! YAY!!!

(Also a very personal thank-you to Shannon. I’m sorry. You’re the best friend ever)

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Google Maps Now with Satellite View

CityhallI must admit that I’m a bit addicted to Google maps, it’s got a cool interface, and it actually seems to find where I’m looking for every time. Couple that now with a satellite image of the area that the map is currently on, and we’ve got ourselves a very cool winner. Anyone recognize Mississauga City Hall?

Link: Google Maps

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Must be Spring

Dscn3230And to mark the final snow melting, and the return of the sun, the racing tires go back on the Acura. Sweet summer days cruz’n down the street. For my own reference, the back tires are on the bottom of the stack, come snow time again. Yay!

Happy Easter

We had a very nice easter weekend. Everyone came over on Friday night, to play some poker and have dinner. That was a lot of fun. We got to go for a long walk yesterday while Mark skated with Happie and wore him out. Then we watched a festive movie, The Passion of the Christ. It was pretty good, very gruesome, but good. Hope you all had a good weekend too.

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Ty the Budgie

Staysea and I picked up a new addition to our flock. A budgie named Ty. He/She (we’re not sure yet) has every color I’ve ever seen on a budgie. He’s very young, so I’m starting his training. He hangs out with me on my shoulder when I’m working on the computer, and playing XBox. Ty particularily likes Mercenaries, he asks me to play it all the time. Staysea doesn’t believe that but it is true.

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A budgie friend for Jason

Ty and Jason.JPG
In my opinion everyone needs a budgie! And now my very own Jason has one too!

Meet Ty! He/She (too young to tell yet) is a 6 week old beauty of a bird I bought for Jason on Friday.

We’re training ‘him’ to be a friendly little budgie friend like Wynnie. Today he spent the entire day hanging out with Jason playing X-Box and doing computer stuff. You’d think the poor bird would be bored to death and not want to be friends but he entertained himself by nibbling on Jasons hair.

I’ve clipped his wings to make it easier to train him. I dont normally believe in clipping wings but this guy is so young they’ll grow back quickly and since Jason isn’t very experienced with bird training it’ll be easier and safer for both of them.

We’ll see how it goes. Next time you come over you might be assaulted by not only Timmy and Wynnie but Ty too. It’ll be great times!

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Dente’s Inferno

I took the Dante’s Inferno Test and it banished me to the Eigth Level of Hell – the Malebolge!
Sorry Mom, but at least it’s going to be warm. I’ve had it with winter. Here is how I matched up against all the levels:

Level Score
Purgatory (Repenting Believers) Very Low
Level 1 – Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers) Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful) Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous) High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious) Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy) High
Level 6 – The City of Dis (Heretics) Moderate
Level 7 (Violent) Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers) Very High
Level 9 – Cocytus (Treacherous) Moderate

Take the Dante’s Inferno Hell Test

Online Shoe Shopping!!!

I’ve desided to post possible bridesmaid shoes to the website instead of emailing them all to Mel. Both are from Nine West if you want a pair! lol

Nine West 1

Ninewest shoe 2.jpg

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Comments Fixed

Comments should be fixed, and I’ve enabled non TypeKey comments too. Sorry about that.

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Get Away Weekend

Jason and I took off this Friday to Niagara for a night away and to celebrate our anniversary.

Jason booked us an enormous room at the Hilton similar in size to our house. The hotel had the most awesome pool, the side of the hottub was a glass wall between it and the lobby.

We went for dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant called Capri. Be both had linguine carbonare which was wonderful. We tried their house white wine which I forget the name of but was very good. We also had a bottle of Wolf Blass Grey Label which was possibly one of the best wines I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking in a jacuzzi tub. I highly recommend it to Cab-Sauv fans!

Afterwards we went over to the Casino and played quarter slots for a bit. When decided to leave we were up 56.3% (always a business student). The Casino was wild. I’d never been to one before but its a serious place. There were people there with cables attached at one end to the slot machines and at the other to their CHESTS! They looked like robots recharging or something.

I highly recommend Niagara to anyone who’s looking for a bit of an escape!

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Take that Brad Pitt

20051226This is pretty fun. Check out this hand dandy page for comparing how tall you are to famous people. As you can see, Brad Pitt is but a wee ant to me. Yes, a wee ant, excellent. Link

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Jason and I went down to Windsor this weekend so Mel and the other bridesmaids could pick out the bridesmaid dresses.
We picked the one on the right in the colours of the one on the left.
Pretty, eh!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from us to all of you. Hope it’s better than last year!

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone. It looks a lot like Christmas at our house, with the tree and lights, and a foot of snow with a thick layer of ice on top. The bonus being my car encased in the same ice. But everyone should be arriving some time today for the festivities.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holidays.

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Joy of Joys

I paid off my car today. My very first car and a whole month early. This is a most excellent day in deed.

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Wet Birds

Wet Birds

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Christmas Animal Abuse

happie with antlers.JPG
HA HA HA HA! Poor Happie!


Firstly, Congrats to Paul and Sonia who have the cutest baby on earth! I can’t wait to see if “Xbox” will be his first word. lol

I think I’m ready for winter to be over. I really love the season but so far it hasn’t been working out for me. Today I was at the dog park with Happie and his orange and white spaniel jumped up on my leg and tore its claws through my frozen flesh, i can’t begin to explain how much that hurt.

Secondly my car is old and would like to move to Florida, it really doesn’t like the cold and sometimes theres little i can do to motivate it to start. It even freezes itself shut so I can’t even try.

The good news is that on my way to Guelph today for my second last exam (yay!) I noticed that Glen Eden has a base. Yay x2!

There is hope for winter yet!

Now for the whole point of this posting….

Is anyone else interested in finding some good in this winter ugliness by taking a trip up to Blue Mountain next week (if they’re open of course)? Most of us should be done exams or be on holidays!
If you’re intersted let me know!!

I also wanted to post in reference to my poem about the 401 from last winter, that I’ve already been stuck in 3 accidents on the 401 WEST at Guelph Line. If you’ve forgotten it i’ll repost it.
Last year at that point on the 401 I was stuck because of an accident an average of twise a week for 1.5-4 hours each time.
Accidents almost always involved at least one car and one tractor trailer and occured in the right lane.
My “poem” might sound like angry rating (it is) but there is also alot of truth to it. From what i’ve seen so far this year (and its only snowed twise) the same things are happening again. So my “poem” is my list of survival tips to you. enjoy!

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Pictures are UP

The pictures from our trip are up here.

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Home Time

We’re sitting the waiting area at Charles De Gaul. It’s very nice, open and spacious and not too noisy. Did I mention that this airport is enormous? It’s easily twice as large as Pearson if not larger. The taxi ride in was much cheaper this time only 34€, since we arranged for a shuttle service through the hotel. My advice for anyone is to always do that, and I would have if I wasn’t so tired yesterday on our arrival at 8am after being up since 4:30. Also, on top of being cheaper, we got to see the Arc de Triumph, which was the only thing we had not been able to get to yesterday. So it was a perfect round out to our trip. Paris is nice, but so very busy, Staysea and I both agree that we prefer Montpellier and the south of France to the hustle and bustle of Paris. But I wouldn’t have traded yesterday for anything. Well, in a couple of minutes we are going to go get a massage, and then start boarding our plane for the 7 hour flight back to Toronto, see you all soon.

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Our last night in France

We’ve just returned to our room after our ‘fit Paris into one day’.

We visited the Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa. She not really that small, she only seems small compared to the area rug sized paintings of the same time period. I can definately see why they say it would take 5 days to see the place properly.

After that we had lunch at a cafe, a short nap then off to the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. So we did manage to fit the Paris highlights into one day.

Tonight we went to the ‘top of Paris’ the highest point in the city. There was a church up there that i wont remember the name of until Jason gets his pictures developed. We had dinner at a small pizza place that made us a pizza with cheese, ham, sour cream and an egg fried on top. SOOOO good! Does it sound odd? It was delicious! Guess what we’re having for dinner tomorrow. lol

Now we’re back in our room, drinking wine, watching CNN (the only english channel). Jason has constructed a table for his camera using a closet shelf and the bathroom sink. The Eiffel tower is all lit up and looking gorgeous (we have an amazing view from our bedroom window).

Today has been so long so I wont post about the rest of my week wandering around Montpellier, it was wonderful. I’m really going to miss the owner of the cafe I went to everyday. She is a wonderful lady, her dream is to come to Canada in the winter and go snowmobiling. I certainly hope she does.

Home tomorrow! We’ve had a really good time but I’m so ready to go home. I miss my dog, my birds, the cat and even Spencer. lol *wink*

Bon Nuit

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Dscn3053The flight in from Montpellier was a little exciting. The fog was very thick when we landed and when we emerged from the fog, I could clearly see blades of grass. I think that I could live without experiencing that again.

The taxi ride in to our hotel was very expensive, 50 € but it was quite far, 30 km. Our hotel room at the Duquesne Eiffel has a view of the Eiffel tower right out our bedroom. It’s marvelous. The fog has just started to burn off so, the top of the tower is visible.

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Staysea and I had the pleasure of having dinner at our friend’s home last night, Arnaud, Anne-Françoise & baby Manille. We also learned about an apéritif and digestif, drinks before and after dinner. The apéritif was a red wine mixed with pure alcohol that was very sweet and tasted kinda like maple sugar, which was made by Arnaud’s father. We had a great time and a wonderful dinner.


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La vue à Montpellier

DSCN2855.JPGJust thought I’d put up one picture of what Staysea sees every day in France. Her book, café and the nice lady who speaks enough english to make her stay pleasant.

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We made it!

Sure enough, we’re here (although i had my doubts when we we’re landing on the ocean).

Since I’m not burdened with work like Jason I’ve been recovering from my seriously disabling jet-lag by walking around Montepellier drinking wine and disguising the fact that I’m lost by acting like a tourist.

Funnily enough everytime I’ve tried to interact with someone using my inarticulate french they’ll decided to speak english to me and save me the struggle. So far so good. The Canadian Flag sewed onto my bag has even won me a couple of smiles from passing people.

I love this place, its so warm, something I didn’t pack for. oops.

I’m actually at the Genesys office right now, they are having cafe after lunch. I’ll remember to mention that in my Organizational Design and Effect class next time international culture comes up.

After this I guess I’ll go wander around some more, drink some more wine (maybe at a slower pace) and take some more pictures.

I absolutely love how many dogs there are here. They have no leash laws so these dogs walk around following their owners, playing in fountains and sniffing people at random. I wish Happie was here, he’d think this was great. Dogs are allowed everywhere, malls, hotels, buildings, grocery stores….we could have spent the entire day together. Then when I get lost and need to find my way back to the hotel Happie could figure it out….well maybe not. I’m going to ask about a humane society. If they have one that would be a good way to spend an afternoon this week. Safe too, since I wont be able to bring them home with me.

I made friends with a german shepherd today who hung out with me while I had coffee and read my book in front of a statue/fountain of a naked man.

There are a lot of status here, a lot of them naked men too. I avoided taking too many pictures of those, didn’t want to make it seem like a re-occuring theme when I upload my pictures to the Photo Gallery later.

I guess I’ll take off and consider doing some shopping now.

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We’ve arrived

DSCN2792.JPGStaysea and I arrived in Montpellier at 1pm local time. We had a bit of a sleep on the flight to Paris, but it was crowded and did not sleep too well. I never realized that the plane flies at 1,000 km/h. I suppose I never gave it that much thought. The food was actually quite good, and the open bar was very nice too!

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We’re Off

Well, with any luck, our plane is taxing onto the runway right now, and we are headed on our way to France. Staysea and I will be in Montpellier for the course of the week and be spending the following weekend in Paris. I’ll be working durring the week, but Paris will be just the two of us. I’m very excited, and we’ll hopefuly be able to post pictures in the gallery as the trip progresses.

See you all!

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Saturday Night

Mark, John, Staysea and I ended up going out Saturday night. We played some pool at a hall that is owned by the Soup Nazi’s brother. You have to stop playing to eat, but you can drink and play. Don’t rest your hand on the other tables. Jebus, it was ridiculous, so we left.

We ended up next door where it was Karaoke Night. Staysea and Mark sang a duet for Jeremy by Perl Jam. It was a unique rendition. I ended up singing Drops of Jupiter by Train. But the vocals where left on so you didn’t get the full experience of my vocal brilliance. Lots of fun none the less.


I also would like to mention that when I got up on stage, some unknown woman yelled at me to ‘take it off’.

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Birds in the double digits

I now have ten birds! The latest feathered friend moved in on Friday. He’s a blue and white budgie and he’s very friendly. He seems to like sitting on Jasons shoulder while he plays Xbox. My appologies to Sarah who is awesome and is looking after them while we’re away next week.

Happy Halloween!

DSCN2775.JPGHappy Halloween everyone. Happie got dressed up. Staysea and I did the pumpkins, hers is the more complicated one on the left and mine on the right. I did Happie’s war paint, I think he’s an Ewok.

Allergies = long weekends!

After all these years of thinking I was impenetrable I discovered that I have an allergy….I am allergic to horses.
We were up at Janine and Glenn’s place this weekend and a friend of theirs came by on a beautiful horse named Lily, now my left eye is swollen shut and soooooo itchy. Your mother always said not to touch your face after petting an animal… tsk tsk.
The good news is Jason, Happie and I had a great weekend up in Peterborough with the McLeods’ and Mark and I got an extended weekend!
I’m now deep into my weekend cooking plans, including a never before attempted dessert…. Crème Brule! Oooooooohhhh aaaahhh!
I’m very excited to see my parents who are coming in on Friday, as well as Paul and Melissa who are staying over Friday night too!
Enjoy the long weekend everyone! It’s a long haul after this one before Christmas.

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My Buddy Nick Chimes In

My buddy Nick has started his own blog up called Musing of a mad man. I look forward to reading what he has to say. Although I’m forced to hear his opinion every day at work as well. *Sigh*

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Shakespeare’s True Writings?

I found this article on Boing Boing. It points to the British Library where they have scanned a number of Quartos and provided them online. So what are quartos?

What are the quartos?
Shakespeare’s plays began to be printed in 1594, probably with his tragedy Titus Andronicus. This appeared as a small, cheap pamphlet called a quarto because of the way it was printed. Eighteen of Shakespeare’s plays had appeared in quarto editions by the time of his death in 1616. Another three plays were printed in quarto before 1642. In 1623 an expensive folio volume of 36 plays by Shakespeare was printed, which included most of those printed in quarto.

It is very interesting to browse through. See how things have changed. And since none of Shakespeare’s original manuscripts survived, these are the only printed copies from that period. I don’t know why I never learned this in school.

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Missing Cockateil

A couple of months back my friends Kat and Evan were kind enough to adopt two badly abused cockatiels from the Toronto Humane Society, these two birds recovered from their traumatic past quickly in Kat’s care and soon had two eggs. The eggs hatched into two adorable little babies. Recently Spike, one of the babies, chewed through the window screen and disappeared into downtown London Ontario.
They’ve done everything humanly possible to find their lost bird, this is all the information they have about the location of their cockatiel. If you have any information at all or any suggestions as to how they can find their bird we would really appreciate your help. You can call Kat and Evan or call or email myself. Thanks so much.

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DSC02591.JPGStaysea and I went last Saturday with the Attisano family to the Kitchener Farmer’s Market and I managed to pick up some pickling cucumbers and thought I would try out pickling. I remember there being home made pickles when I was very young, around 3 or 4 living in Calgary. But I obviously didn’t remember how to make them. But then I found PickleNet. It is an invaluable resource for pickling anything at all. Mine should be ready to eat tomorrow evening, at least according to the recipe. I don’t know if I buy that, but there are 6 jars to try so we’ll see.

UPDATE: They are excellent, very tasty indeed!


DSCN2550.JPGThat would be Happie’s favorite toy. He’ll eat a bone in 15 minutes, but he loves his squeaky toy. Yes, many an annoying hours are passed by him walking through the house, gently squeezing his plush leopard print toy with it’s melodic ‘squeak’

More bird news

Today we welcomed an 8th bird into our home. She’s a beautiful white and blue budgie whose family was going to be traveling alot in the future and wanted her to come to a good home. She doesn’t have a name yet, we want to get to know her better. So far things with her and my other budgies have been tense, she’s a bit pushy and aggressive and a little bit on the wild side. I’m sure she’ll quickly learn the pecking order.
In other bird news…. Monet our other new parakeet moved into her new cage today. My dad built her a cage that allows for her handicap. Monet is going to loose her left foot due to a circulatory problem despite our best attempts to treat the foot. The new cage has a combination of perches and platforms with ladders going from top to bottom. Birds are very adaptable animals and we have every expectation that she will recover and fully adjust. Things are still a little uncertain, if the foot gets infected we could still loose him. At the moment the good part of the foot is healing very well and the dead toes are clean. We continue to hope for the best.

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Albert Duncan Johnston

We said goodbye today to Albert Duncan Johnston, Staysea’s grandfather. He passed away at the age of 72 on Saturday. The service was today. It was obvious that he will very much be missed. I’m sorry that I didn’t have more opportunities to meet him. Carl and Ronda are in town for the next few days, before heading back to Vancouver. God bless.

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Cottage Pictures

You can take a look at the cottage pictures in the Gallery.

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We had an awesome time this weekend at James’s cottage (awesome party friend)! Spent some time watching Jeff and James swim and tow the ski-do 2km back to shore, had some drinks, ate some bbq….watched the dog learn to “swim”. My dog ‘accidentally’ fell off the dock and sank like a rock. So much for his canine instincts. I had to pull him out by his arms before he drowned. At least i dont have to worry about him becoming a big water loving freak and always smelling like wet dog….

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Our Guard Dog

Back in the spring Jason and I started fostering this big, ugly, poorly trained, bad mannered dog, Happie. He’s a mutt and he’s about 75lbs. After much arguing I won and Happie stayed with us, I officially adopted him just a couple of weeks ago. He’s a great dog and we love him to death but he’s the most confused dog I’ve ever met.
This picture is of Happie barking and growling at the water because he thinks its attacking us. He’s so terrified of water he throws a fit if even a drop touches his paw and tries to pull me out of the water every time i touch the side. On the other hand at home he’s the worst guard dog ever, which is good, we don’t want to train our dog to react aggressively to anything.
We’re taking Happie up to James’s cottage this weekend so we’ll have to work on his fear of water up there. Both CJ and Humphrey loved water and were great swimmers. In theory Happie should be good at it too. We’ll work into it gradually, one step at a time…..and if that doesn’t work i’ll throw him off the dock in his doggy lifejacket.

Clutter Be Gone!

We had a very successful garage sale yesterday, selling most of our stuff. We still have one queen size bed, dining set with 5 chairs, electric stove, a ping pong table and one Rug. We even ended up using one of the rugs that we had in our bedroom. It is much warmer now.

Anyone interested and living in the Toronto area should email me at jason at sdf1.net.

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Marriage of the Blogs

Staysea and I joined our blogs, like others before us, it was just easier to have one. More people tend to read mine, so you’ll see that there is now an author on each entry and a couple more changes comming.

Your old bookmark for Staysea will still work, it will just come here 🙂

You’re Welcome

Yesterday I helped out Sarah recover a bunch of her lost Blog entries, from her left over HTML so that she could import them back into MovableType. She was kind enough to thank me on her site, so I thought I’d say, you’re welcome and enjoy.

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Ontario Schools to use StarOffice

Looks like our provincial government has done at least one good financial move with purchasing licenses for all the Ontario School computers for StarOffice. StarOffice is a office suite created by Sun Microsystems and has been around for a number of years. I’ve used it, and it’s compatible with the more common Microsoft Office. Does everything that Office does and for considerably less. Next thing you know, they’ll be running linux in the classroom.

StarOffice scores Canadian win:
“Sun Microsystems has recruited one of its biggest customers yet for its StarOffice software, signing a contract with the Ontario Ministry of Education covering 2.5 million students.”
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We’re in Windsor visiting my brother and his fiance Melissa and enjoying a wonderful engagement party. We couldn’t be happier for them and can’t wait for the wedding, but are looking forward to many parties along the way.

Congratulations Paul and Melissa and welcome to the family ‘sister’.

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All Moved In

Well, Staysea and I are all moved into the new house. We have a LOT more space now and are loving it.

Thanks to all my friends who helped me move in, there is still some of the keg left over, so come on by for a pint!

It’s also Staysea’s Birthday today, so you may want to give her a call or an e-mail to wish her well! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

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We’re BACK!

After a short 4 hour flight from Vancouver we’re back in Mississauga. It’s good to be home!

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We went clubbing

We went clubbing tonight. It was good, we stopped by a few clubs and ended up at Roxy for a drink and some good music. Now, that said, it’s my birthday today, at least now that it’s the 13th and I’m going to the Phoenix on Saturday night for some drinks. Everyone is welcome, anyone who want’s can see me there, if you buy me a drink, then that’s doubly good. Cheers.


We went on a walkabout around Vancouver today. We got down to the wharf and took a look at all the sea planes taking off, plus the marina there. WOW. For those of you looking for a last minute gift for my birthday on Thursday, there is a photo of the boat I’d like! We also where lucky enough to see one of the Princess cruse ships in port. HUGE!
DSCN1068In part of our walk we ended up walking by somewhere I might like to work some day, Electronic Arts. They make all sorts of great video games. We where actually on our way to Gas Town. It’s an older part of Vancouver that used to be lit with gas lamps. Very nice area now, but in the 60’s it was the center of Skid Row. In the 70’s the local merchants and residents joined together to reclaim the area and make it a place people would want to visit again. Now it’s full of posh shops and tourist stores. Including the world’s largest moose, in a fudge store. I think that the little area could be a lot nicer if it wasn’t such a tourist trap. There is a steam driven clock in the west part that was pretty cool.

West Edmonton Mall

Staysea and I got up early this morning and headed out to the West Edmonton Mall to play in the water park. Auntie Alison gave us a 2 for 1 coupon and Ronda offered to pay the admission so we couldn’t pass that up. We spent about 3 hours playing in the waves and going down the slides. It was a whole lot of fun. I wish that Mississauga would put in a big wave pool. There where 20 slides so the place is massive. The even changed a few of the slides since I was there last.
DSC02485After the water park, we did a bit of shopping. You can download a map of the mall with all the stores to your palm, so I of course did. There where some fish tanks that where home to the cast of Finding Nemo. We then met up with Carl to go for lunch and do some more shopping before heading out to Maureen and Paul’s to have dinner. All my Edmonton family where at the dinner. I wish I could get out more often to Alberta to visit. My cousins are completely different every time I come out. Andrew, the youngest is 5 and last time I was here he was only a few months old and he had a nap on my chest. This trip he gave me a crushing hug. Amanda gave me a little yellow puff ball that I’m going to keep in my car.

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Edmonton Day 1

DSCN1015We got in late last night, and slept in a bit this morning. We went over to Uncle Bryan and Auntie Alison’s house to see the new renovations and visit with my cousins Amanda and Andrew. Andrew was feeling sick so pretty much slept, and Amanda was doing a jump for heart skip rope marathon. Alison spun the rope for 3 hours.
After some lunch, Staysea went back to the hotel for a rest and Bryan and I and Smudge (their dog) went out to the ‘Land’. Not too much change there, except for the recession of the pond. The shore has moved out a good 100 feet. There has been a 3 year dry spell in Alberta. They also added a trampoline that I spent a short time jumping on till my calves started to get sore.
In the evening we went to the dinner theatre where my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul where performing in Carrousel. It was a great show. We got a back stage tour and then had some drinks up in the room. Probably the busiest day this trip so far.

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Change of Plans

Day4Turns out that Carl (Staysea’s Dad) is at the same hotel that my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul are performing dinner theater at. So, we’re going to run up to Edmonton for a couple of days and visit with them, along with my Uncle Bryan, Aunt Alison and of course all of my cousins, Mathew, Jeff, Amanda and Andrew. We did stop off in Red Deer to visit with Staysea’s friend Zoe and her fiance. We had a nice visit and the drive was so short in comparison to all the past driving. The hotel here is really nice, but we got in later than we expected. Had dinner with Carl and a few drinks back in our room. Tomorrow we’ll see Bryan and family and maybe go to West Edmonton mall to go to the water park, and then back here for some dinner theater with my Auntie Maureen and Uncle Paul.

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Old Friends

DSCN1000We wandered around and took a look at where I went to school for grade 1-4. Turns out that Staysea and I lived in the same neighborhood. How weird is that. I went to St. Jude school, also turns out that Spencer (Staysea’s Brother) played indoor soccer there. Staysea called up her friend Meghan and we went to the Ship & Anchor for a few drinks and some food in downtown Calgary. Had a great time, they where actually filming a documentary on the night life in Calgary there. We offered her an open invitation to come out and visit toronto some time. Staysea is still suffering the effect of a 2 hour time shift. I have to agree, that jet lag is much, much worse when you drive.

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Visiting With Family

Today, Staysea and I went by my Nana’s house to visit and see how she was doing. We also got to see her new kitchen that my Dad built for her. It’s really nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Calgary, but when we turned one corner, Staysea exclaimed that she knew where she was and from then on, she was the authority on where to go and how to get there. I must admit, I’ve never driven around Calgary, I grew up here till I was 9, but never paid much attention to the roads. We went for dinner at my Granny and Grandpa’s house with Nana. My aunt and cousin were on the east coast and we where not able to see them. We had a great time. On the drive home it started to rain, by the time we where at the hotel it was SNOWING! Now I remember the weather in Calgary. Boooo!

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Day 3 – Winnipeg to Calgary

Day3After a night of wine, pool and foose ball with the Spencer clan in Winnipeg, we headed out again at 8am. All I’d like to say is that there are a few miss conceptions that need to be cleared up. First off, Saskatchewan is not that flat. In fact, I’d say that Manitoba, west of Winnipeg is much more flat. I took this picture, out the window looking north, I think it’s a fire in Innuvut. DSC02394 All joking aside, I will admit that Saskatchewan has a very hypnotic effect as you drive, and all that you want to do is pull over and have a nap. We did pull into Regina to have some lunch at an East Side Mario’s. Since Staysea works as a waitress there she wanted to see what they where like out west. DSC02412 It took us 13.5 hours to get from Winnipeg to Calgary. Not bad at all. Once we pulled into Calgary we went straight to our hotel, checked in, took advantage of the liquor store in the parking lot and just relaxed. I’m really looking forward to visiting with my grandparents tomorrow.

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Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

Day2Headed out a little later today, since it’s a much shorter drive to Winnipeg and we get an hour back along the way. It was beautiful and sunny for the drive, a pleasant change from yesterday’s rain. Still lots of beautiful lakes all along the highway to look at.

DSC02371We swept through Sonia’s home town of Dryden and saw their moose. Quite the town Dryden. I feel for Paul and family now when he drives 21 hours to visit , mine are only 2 hours away. Considerably closer all things considered. Next up a few hundred kM down the road was Kenora, the last Ontario city on the TransCan before hitting Manitoba. We saw Husky the Muskie, although where not completely clear on his purpose. We had lunch across the road in McLeod park where there was a tugboat left over from when the mill used to run their timber down the river. Since it bore John’s last name we felt it warranted a photo.
DSC02377DSC02380DSC02385 Once we got into Manitoba, the only province that I have not visited yet, we passed a convoy of ATVs on the side of the highway. Actually, they where making pretty good time, probably going at least 60. I must admit, I’ve heard about Saskatchewan being flat, but from what I saw of Manitoba it’s pretty flat too. How much flatter can Saskatchewan be? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.
We’re staying at my Auntie Heather and Uncle Rick’s place, giving us a nice place to stay and a good visit.
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Day 1 – Toronto to Thunder Bay

Day1 With the van loaded up and lots of snacks we headed out at 7:49 this morning. I planned all the routes using MapPoint. It gave us a 66 page itinerary with distances and times we should be at various check points. Including 15 minute breaks every 400 km.My good friend Paul asked why we where not going through Saut St. Marie, well according to MapPoint, there is a route that is 100 km shorter. At least it is according to MapPoint, they fail to mention that the cut over back to the Trans Canada is actually a dirt logging road with no name that we could find on any map. It was rated at 70 km/h wit wild hills plus one lane bridges.DSC02333 Sadly since we had just filled up with gas, Staysea got to have all the fun.
We saw a good assortment of northern Ontario wild life, a skunk, a fox and a Moose with it’s baby by the road, deer too. No pictures for any of the animals, they where all too quick for the camera.
Of course we stopped in White River to visit the monument to the bear that started the entire Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh. We managed to get a picture of the plaque commemorating the care of the bear and the resulting statue of said honey eating bear.
We rolled into TB around 9 o’clock, a mere 13 hours after we left Sauga. Checked into our Super 8 and went across the street to a great Irish pub called Fionn MacCool’s for some Guinness and wine and great food. If you’re ever in TB you should stop in. Plus Guinny was only $5.
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On The Road

Staysea and I leave on our trip across Canada tomorrow. We’ll hopefully be able to keep in touch here and post pictures along the way. There are some extended stops scheduled in Calgary and Vancouver where we’ll be visiting family and friends. On the plus side it’s a one way drive, since we are delivering the vehicle we’re taking, and flying back. I don’t know if I could handle the 4,288 kM trip twice. I’m still really excited about it, and tomorrow it all begins.
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New House

The move into the new house for half of it’s occupants, started yesterday and finished up today while I was at work. It’s a very nice house. There is a closet for the server room and a fireplace next to the XBox’s new home. That’s all that is really important. I’ll post pictures of the closet and the fireplace later 🙂

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Get Linspire OS for Free

If you’ve wanted to try out Linux, and had been previously looking at Lindows, now Linspire, then you can get it for free. They are currently promoting their name change with a coupon code (their previous name) that discounts the full price of the product.

The name change was the result of a court order in a trial with Microsoft, complaining of the close similarity between Windows and Lindows.

You’ll need to download the app with BitTorrent, but that’s free too.

Order Here

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Awesome Mac software now for windows – Ecto for Windows

I’ve been using Ecto, (formally Kung-Log) for all my blogging, and I’m happy to report that it has been made available for Windows users too. The windows version is still in Beta right now, but I’m sure development will move quickly along. Give it a try now, if you don’t mind things not quite working for you. If you’d rather avoid the frustration, wait till May 13th, that’s when it is scheduled for full release.

ecto – dev blog :: From TypeWriter to ecto for Windows:
“I am extremely happy to announce an unique collaboration with Adriaan Tijsseling, author of the Mac blogging software ecto, and Joichi Ito to release the next version of TypeWriter as ecto for Windows. It is our hope that with this collaboration the ease of use and features of ecto on OS X will now be available to the Windows users.”
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CSIS Background Check

When my buddy got hired for the Canadian government, he had to go through a military background check conducted by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) he was telling me how I showed up in the background check. I would expect that I showed up, since my Father was one of his references, and we shared a lease on an apartment for a year. What’s really funny, is that our other friend showed up seemingly for no good reason, and through no public ties that we can think of, and the 3rd person that we shared the apartment with didn’t show up at all. I’d love to be able to see my record. See what the government does keep on me. Or maybe not.


I’ve spent most of this weekend thus far watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 4. My buddy Paul got me hooked lending me the episodes that he bought on DVD. It’s a great series. I highly recommend it if you have never seen it. Ask among your friends, I’m sure one of them is a Buffy fan and you can borrow the DVDs from them 😉

Did you get Fooled?

Did you get gotten this April 1st? Among all of the news today it was hard to figure out if anything was the truth. Some of the better ones was Google’s job posting for their new Lunar Research Center. Not to be confused with Google’s announcement of their new Gmail service that gives user 1 Gig of online mail storage and is fully searchable. Very cool.

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Possible New Mutt

decorated_10wkoldpupHere is a picture of the puppy, that Staysea and I are inquiring about. It’s a 10 week old pit. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but we should know more tomorrow. Foxy has a new home as of this Saturday, which is great too. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

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Server Work

I spent a great deal of time, moving all of the existing SDF1 system to the new server this weekend. It was thanks to Ray’s kean eye, that it all finally got done as he found the error in the BIND config. Here’s a trick for you admins out there, I used fetchmail to migrate the mail from the old server to the new server. Easy to do when only 7 accounts have mail sitting in their account. It did work very well, especially with the change from Sendmail to Postfix. Never the less, it’s nice to have a faster server. Yes, I did say faster, it’s a smok’n 500 MHz P2, a nice change from the 200 MHz Pentium we had before. Of course, if there are any users out there who wanted to donate some money or newer hardware, I’d be happy to put that to good use too!

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Happy St. Patties Day!

I will be heading down to my local pub for a few good pints of Guinness, hope you’ll join me. We’ll be at the Fox and Fiddle on Dundas and Winston Churchill.


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New Look

Thanks to Sean Jackson, I have a new look for my blog. He also did Ray’s blog. Just the index is changed for now, I’ll switch up the rest over the week.

I love it, hope you do too.

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Way more space!

Hitachi announced their new 400 Gig hard drive today (Press Release). Didn’t say how much it was going to cost but with current hard drives pricing at about $1/Gig CND it hopefully won’t be too far off. How long till we’re limited in storage by the software again (old limits where 2 Gig and 127 Gig)? I’d love to get my hands on one of these drives for an XBox mod. That would be fantastic!

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If it’s not wireless why bother?

I’ve been looking for a performance upgrade for my Palm m505. It has served me well and continues to do so, however there are a few apps that require the next generation processors to run. A buddy of mine at work pointed me to the Sony Clie PEG-TJ37. At $450 CND, it features wireless LAN (802.11b), camera and a beautiful screen and support for 2 Gigs of storage.
However, in an odd side bit, it is only $299 US (from the sony store). If you do the conversion to CND, that’s $399 CND. So why is Sony Canada charging $50 more than their American brother? I’ll let you know as soon as the money magically falls out of the sky 🙂

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Source Code for NT4 and Windows 2000 Leaked

From this Eweek article, the source for NT 4 and Windows 2000 has been leaked on the internet. Why do you care? Well, it is very easy, once you know how the code is written to write a virus that takes advantage of any mistakes, weaknesses or cracks. Any one who wants to develop a virus would have a lot easier time with the source.
But wait a minute, the source code for Linux like operating systems is open source where are their viruses? Ah, greater resources to patch the same vulnerabilities.

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Super Bowl 2004

Yesterday, like a lot of people, we had a party to watch the Super Bowl and have a good time. I’d say a good time was had by all, including quite the half time show. Which seems to be overshadowing the spectacular final half of the game itself.
The only difference with our party, was that, since we are in Canada and the CRTC rules all that is broadcast, we did not see the cool commercials. So you can watch them online, at iFilm. Enjoy!

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So, I’m watching Narc the other day. Great movie. For those of you who have not seen it, the main story line is about a murder of a cop in a tunnel, in Detroit. Funny that. A few years ago, I remember a movie crew setting up to do some filming across the street from my Parents old house. Turns out that Narc was the movie they where filming that day. How do I know? The TUNNEL. The tunnel used is the same one I took to school from grade 4 to 8. I know, because in the right of the frame, you can see a patch of grey on the concrete. This is paint that covered up some graffiti that used to be there. Take a look. Funny. Kinda changed the way I watched the movie, knowing where it was filmed.

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