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New Baby Boy Inbound

We found out today that we’ll be welcoming a little boy to our family. So very excited.


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Paul, Glen and I rode down to Port Dover today for the Friday the 13th meet up. It was amazing! Thousands of bikes lining all the streets in and around town. Beautiful sunny day. We chased a rain storm on the way home, but only caught it for 2 minutes and turned away to clearer roads.

IMG_0355.jpg IMG_0357.jpg

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Standing Today – First time!


Audrey was standing today in her crib for the first time, when Mommy came to get her out of bed.

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Daddy Daughter Day

Today Audrey and I spent our first full day together as Mommy got ready to cater a wedding. We had a nice breakfast with banana oatmea l mush and Mommy headed off to work.

Audrey got to ride in the RSX for the first time ever, and loved it. Nice big window to look out with her backwards facing seat. We bought some window plastic to seal in her bedroom window to try and keep some of the winter cold out. Audrey helped me by watching me put up the sheet of plastic quietly from her crib, playing with her toys.

Then we called Great Granny to see how she is doing and Audrey listened intently to Granny’s voice, but didn’t have anything to say. Granny got the video Mommy had produced and sent out to all the Grandparents both new and great.

We had a lovely dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Including a demonstration of how she can rock back and forth in her booster seat and move the chair it is strapped to. Then it was a very tired Audrey heading home, having a bath and bottle and off to sleep. Mommy didn’t make it home until 4am.


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William Duncan McLeod

I love you Grandpa. 1927-2011

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First Bottle


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Passed my M today.

I passed my M test today to give me a full motorcycle driver’s license. It wasn’t that hard, just a ride through some streets. It was pretty windy on the highway for my little bike, but it was just one exit up, one exit down.

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And Audrey too!

I’m happy to announce the birth of our daughter Audrey.

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Centenary Medal


I received a Centenary Medal from the Lifesaving Society today in recognition for my leadership and volunteering that I performed over my years as a lifeguard, instructor, examiner and competition official. The medal on the left is my Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

“The Centenary Medal, commemorating our 100 years of saving lives in Canada, pays tribute to the individuals who made or who are making significant contributions to the Society.
The medal features the rescue engraving from the Society’s 1908 Bronze Medallion encircled by the Society’s Latin motto – Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in him a fellow man. The reverse presents the Society’s 100th Anniversary logo flanked by the anniversary dates 1908-2008 underscored by A Century of Saving Lives.”

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First box of diapers.

There they are, the first of many boxes of diapers. We picked them up last night so we will have them for our baby course next week.

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Fly Fishing

I went fly fishing yesterday for the first time; Carl and Ronda took me. I got some bites but didn’t land anything. Both Carl and Ronda caught one. I did manage to get better at casting, and placing my fly where I wanted. Maybe I’ll luck out better next time.

Happie came along too and spent the time playing around in the river, as long as the water wasn’t too deep.

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Still Sick

Well, the new year is upon me and I’m still sick. Have been since the 31st. Missed going to kiss Staysea at new years. But I did get to see Ian and Emily’s beautiful daughters, as they were kind enough to drop by.

It’s been a while since I posted. I don’t know why. I’ll try to do better in the new year. Might even make this a private blog, not sure yet.

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First Concert

I went to my first real concert tonight, Metallica! Lots of great songs from my teenage years, and some new ones. It was awesome to sing Enter Sandman, while the band played it live. It was a lot of fun and probably the only time I’ll go to a concert for a big name band.

The simple reason, is that I couldn’t get out of the back of my mind that I paid $100 for a ticket to watch 4 millionaires do what they really seem to love to do.

It was still amazing though, and a lot of fun, and off my bucket list.

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Maybe it’s not always Duncan

That used to have dip in it.

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Welcome Baby Ainsworth

This morning Alison delivered a 6lb 15oz baby girl. Mom, baby and Dad are doing well. Now they just have to pick a name.

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Pot of Gold

Apparently Oracle is at the end of the rainbow.

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New Bike Bag

My new bike bag means that today I was able to drive through at Timmys and get my begal. Joys!

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Facebook Landrush

So today 12:01 EST, Facebook let you pick a custom URL. I didn’t manage o grab Jason, I did mange to get Jason.McLeod. So you can check out my facebook at facebook.com/Jason.McLeod

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Bike Tuneup

It’s amazing just how much better a bike runs with a new battery and fresh spark plugs.  Especially when they are the right spark plugs. Starts up cold just as well as my car. Now it just needs to warm a wee bit.

Just an FYI to anyone buying a used bike, make sure you take a good look at the part numbers on the bike you’re buying.  Some people use the wrong ones, and will only cause you heartache in the future.

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First Motorcycle Ride of ’09

Picked up the new battery for my Bike today, and with the weather warmer than it has been since ’74 I got to go for a ride. Staysea was kind enough to pickup some spark plugs as a surprise, when I mentioned that might be why it wasn’t starting earlier. No need for the plugs yet though, she started up with a deafening backfire that scared the crap out of the cat.

Rain tomorrow, maybe I’ll get to go out again Sunday.

Palm to iPhone

I’ve been using an iPhone for a little over a year and a half now. This is after using a Palm device for more than a decade. I started with a Palm 1000 that I picked up at a Father’s Day sale (sorry Dad I kept it). Over those years I’d collected a LOT of useful information on various topics. My Palm had everything in it including Pocket Quicken for keeping my finances straight as I made my purchases. I’m still waiting for a iPhone version of Qucken, I’m talking to you Landware team.

So aside from not being able to track my finances, and as a result not using cash at all any more, the only other missed thing from my Palm was those memos. But today I learned how to get them on my phone, searchable, and synced with the web.

I used a site called Toodledo . They have the ability to import a CSV file for memos, which is good, because the Palm Desktop can export as a CSV file. Unless you’re a Mac user like me, then it’s a Tab&Return file and there is a lot of text editing that goes on to fix the format of the file. Couple their site with their iPhone application Notebook ($4.99) you can have all your notes back in your pocket. Just search for Toodledo in the App Store and you’ll find it.

A couple of tips if you are one of the unlucky ones like me who has to use the garbage Mac version of Palm Desktop. Go ahead and export the memos you want, but choose just the Title, Note and Category columns.

The open the file in excel, or another spread sheet program, and add an extra column between the fields. We’re doing that so when we re-save the file as a CSV we can strip out all the ” characters.

Do the following replacements:

Remove all the “
Replace all the ,,, with “,” (hence why we added the extra blank columns between the columns.)
Replace all the \n with “\n” (\n is a new line)
Replace all the ^ with a tab
Replace all the | with a new line.
Add a ” to the front of the first line and you should be 99% of the way there.

You can test import until you get only 3 columns imported and all should be good in the world.

Painting the Guest Room

image1065616916.jpgNo more lime green. The new color will be a combination if grays. I wish I knew how to fix the stucko that the birds trashed when they were flying around in there. I’ll have to research that and see what I can do.

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New MacBook

I replaced my old 2006 MacBook with one of the newer model MacBooks on Friday. I have to say the new machined aluminum case is VERY nice, as is the new track pad and glass screen The new firmer palm rest is much nicer to type on, cleans easier than it’s previous counterpart and feels cooler too. This is my 4th Apple laptop, once every 2 years since 2002.

I’ll be selling my old MacBook on eBay since I don’t really have a use for it, and because it’s still a perfectly good laptop.

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Dear, you missed the firemen.

So, I fixed my bike last night. Pulled off the fuel cock, and learned that there was a tear in the fuel line in addition to the piece that wasn’t supposed to come off.

The first removal went perfectly fine, no fuel spillage or anything. Put the new part on, which has a much larger switch for changing the fuel settings between PRI-ON-RES. Unfortunately I overlooked the two washers that are required for the two bolts that hold on the fuel cock. So, it started to leak a bit.

I repeated my steps of siphoning out all the gas and running the bike on reserve till it died and tried removing the bolts again, which resulted in a considerable spill, hence the firemen reference in the title and their presence at my home. No flames, just needed some help cleaning up the fuel.

Found the washers I needed on the old part, removed the entire gas tank and installed it fresh. New fuel line too. Everything seems to be running quite well now. No leaking no added smell of gas other than what was already there from last night.

Bikes are fun.

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Motorcycles are fun!

I’ve had more than a few problems with my used 1980 Suzuki GS400. Everything from missing return springs on the rear brake pedal to the recent constant leaking fuel cock.

But today on my ride, the engine died and I figured I needed to flip to reserve. I did and no luck. I looked down to see if the loose fuel line was too loose, nope. The problem seemed to be that the carbourator had in fact fallen off the engine block. Apparently I was missing two hose clamps, that I have since installed.

The new fuel cock arrives next week. I think THEN I’ll have all the parts I’m supposed to have.

Motorcycles are fun.

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Toilet Tastic

Success! I installed my very first toilet. Low flow, Peel gives me back $100 of it’s purchase price. Only took an hour.

Tip to others. Put a rag in the empty toilet once you install it, while you’re putting the tank on and hooking up the water. Makes for a more pleasant experience.

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Mrs. Coules

I ran into my 11th Grade science teacher today at lunch. It was nice to see her again and talk about where I was and what I’d done since graduating. Good to see you again Mrs. Coules. 🙂

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Why can’t my day be like this?

Duncan under wraps.

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New Server

I moved the blog to a new server and said goodbye to MovableType. It just wasn’t working for me. So far I like this new software, and I must say, since I have such a horrible server connection, moving the server is so much better.

This is the first time in over 10 years, that a personal server in my home hasn’t been hosting my content. I’m a bit sad, but I guess it’s for the best.

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Blog Shambles

The site is in a horrible state. My upgrade to MovableType 4.0 has left a slew of problems. My old templates are broken, which is unfortunate as Sean Jackson put so much work into them. I’m using the default templates for now. I may have to export and recreate my site.

My hope is to find some time to get this all sorted out and working again. The main reason for the upgrade was to fix comments, but they seem to be experiencing problems as well.

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Happies Halloween Costume



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Our New Same House

Today we bought our first house together. We thankfuly don’t have to move since we bought the house we love in. YAY!!!!

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Riding Day 3

Last day of riding, and we totaled 500 km over the 3 days. We rode up to the Church Key Brewery and got a couple of jugs of beer each. Then headed on down to the Black Oak Savannah where my Mom is doing her surveys and conservation work. It’s pretty amazing how many different types of grass and plants can live in a single square meter. Equally amazing is the 80 plus species of birds that call the area home. I’m pretty sure I need to buy my own bike now, maybe a Suzuki Bandit. We’ll see.

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Riding Day Two

Today was a bright clear day, no clouds 20 degrees, perfect riding weather. We had to go pick up my Dad’s shoe inserts to stop his pain while standing all day. Ended up running all the way down into Port Hope and back up and around to Havelock again. All told another 200+ km. I’m actually put on half the kms on my Mom’s bike now, and it’s almost due for it’s 1,000 km tuning. Which is good, because it backfires A LOT. Although it is fun, I’m glad I’m not in town where people would be ducking for cover.

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Riding Day One

I’m up at my folks part of this week as my week off from work. I’m borrowing my Mom’s Suzuki to go riding with my Dad. My license expires in November and since I have not yet bought a bike, and probably won’t before then I might as well get some time on a bike. We rode twice today, stopped at home to let the rain pass. All told got in over 130 km of riding done. Lots of fun, it’s a nice day. Only bad thing that happed, was I managed to melt the inside of my new riding pants to the exhaust pipe. Nice hole about the side of a credit card. They are still good protection, but it’s crappy that I had to damage them so soon.

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Happie’s Adventures at the Grandpeople’s!

Dsc 1143

Oh, dear! What on earth is that dog doing?

Dsc 1155

He’s got his head down a chipmunk hole he’s ‘expanded’ for himself. I wish we got a picture of the chipmunk leaving through the other end of the tunnel. He’s very sorry about the lawn.

Dsc 1126

Whatcha watching, Hap?

Dsc 1164-1

Just his turkey friends heading towards the pond. “Heck! Those are HUGE budgies!” After circling each other a couple of times Happie and the male turkey developed a mutual respect for each others ability to kill the other, they get along quite peacefully now. Happie follows them around as long as their don’t extend their wings, then the dog is out of there.

Dsc 1198

On the way to the pond following the turkeys we met up with Happie’s other unexpected new friend! Their initial meeting had everyone pretty worried but Happie never got too close and as you can see the porcupine doesn’t even have his quills up. Their respect for each other was quite the relief, it would have been a traumatic week if Happie had learned the hard way about leaving wild animals alone.

Dsc 1182

Squishy! He’s actually blind in this eye, hence my being able to get so close. His blindness is also the reason we think he didn’t run away from Happie initially. The dog curiosity and the porcupines realization the dog wasn’t going to eat him was the beginning of their friendship.

Dsc 1186

Once he saw me he quickly decided I wasn’t a friend and the quills came up.

Dsc 1131

That is one quality dog.

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One last look

Goodbye Baby Birds

Today I got the opportunity to get one last look at my baby mourning doves before saying “goodbye”. They left the nest on Saturday and moved to the ground with their parents. I didn’t see them together Sunday or yesterday but this morning they were out there together sitting on the ground. When I approached too close they flew away. Success! They both made it and they can fly!

Bye bye baby birds!

….now to take away all my planter boxes so they or their mother doesn’t build another nest out there. They drove the cats and Happie CRAZY.

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Silkie and babies update!

Silkie 2

Its finally nice outside so today, Silkie let her babies out from under her! They are getting big and doing well!

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Silkie’s eggs hatched!!


Congrats Silkie and Contract!!! A couple of weeks ago this very stupid mourning dove took up nesting in one of my herb planter (the purple sage actually). I named her Silkie and her half-ass male, Contract.
Mouring dove eggs usually hatch after 12-16 days. Ours have been sitting on these eggs for 22 days, leading me to have believed that they were not going to hatch. But this morning between making coffee and noon they did hatch! They have two hideously ugly babies! Baby birds have got to be the ugliest baby animals but I’m happy to have them all the same!
I need names for my newest bird family members. I’m not planning on interfereing with them, just watching them from my kitchen window. Got any ideas?

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Catering pics




Ta da!

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Well on my way to Shanghai

I’m in Tokyo now. Looks like I can pass the time on my layovers with World of Warcraft. I already played in Chicago for a while. I’m getting really tired, it was weird flying all this way and following the sun. Also made it really difficult to sleep. That coupled with being stuck in the middle row and not having much legroom.

Part way through my flight, as I was fiddling with my remote for my video, the chinese woman next to me took my remote. She then started changing the channels and making me miss my movie. She then called over a flight attendant. I realized at this point that from her angle she couldn’t see that my monitor was on, and she was trying to help me turn it on so that I could watch something. The flight attendant cleared it up and many apologies where given by the helpful old lady.

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New D80

So I’m getting ready to go on my trip, and all great trips need a great camera. Enter my new Nikon D80. Here are a few of my first shots, I need to read the manual on this thing. These are converted to JPEG, the originals are in RAW, at 3888×2600 pixels (10.2 Megapixels).



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Pet Food Recall

I’ve got to say I’m absolutely shocked by this MASSIVE pet food recall happening in Canada and the US. Not shocked because its happening but shocked because OVER 40 BRANDS of cat and food sold in North America are all made by the same contract company Menufoods.

Here is the complete list of recalled foods. http://www.menufoods.com/recall/

What I thought was really interesting and made my quite angry is that some of the most common brands of dog and cat food are on this list. Iams and Eukanuba, both owned by Proctor & Gamble, are made by Menu Foods. According to one press release, Menu Foods produces 17 of the top 20 brands of pet food in North America. Thats a little scary. Not just because dogs are dying of kidney failure but that the foods we carefully select to feed our pets are all coming from the same place anyways.

In an earlier entry I talked about how we moved Happie over to Merrick dog food, Merrick is an independent company who makes their own food in their plant in Texas. We’ve really been happy with it and Happie has been happy with it. He’s been eating it for over a month now and he’s really shown an improvement in his skin and GI system. He was already a healthy dog but we still see improvements with the better food. We fully recommend it. After reading all of the recall information today I’m more than happy to pay the steep price tag for Merrick food from now on. Check out http://www.merrickpetcare.com/

Another company not involved in this recall who produce dog food right here in Mississauga is Purina. Purina owns 26 of their own manufacturing plants and doesn’t contract out their food production. If you’re looking to switch pet foods check out http://www.purina.ca/home.asp We’ll be switching the cats to Purina food until Merrick releases their dry cat food line in the spring. The cats Science Diet food is one of the brands produced by Menu Foods, its not part of the recall but I was unaware Science Diet wasn’t an independent company with their own manufacturing facilities.

Nutram is another brand I was made aware of this weekend. Nutram is owned and operated by Maple Lodge Farms and the food is made from the left-over chicken from their processing plant in Brampton. I don’t have any other information about them other than that, but there is one manufacturing facility and they are using ‘human-grade’ chicken. Its not perfect but Maple Lodge is a respectable Canadian company and at least you would know where your dogs food was coming from.

So those are some options for pet owners, like me, now wanting to switch pet food brands to something we can trust.

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Kitchen Time-lapse

This is our completed time-lapse of our kitchen renovation. Pretty cool.

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The Auto Show helped me pick out my new car

Main Element

We spent some time looking at potential next vehicles as well. It would be really nice to have a small SUV, make life alot easier for traveling with the animals. My criteria included functionality, no minivan likeness, and the same or better fuel economy than what I drive now. The SUV that met all of those requirements was the Honda Element. I absolutely love them!! I love them even more every time someone mentions how much they hate them, they are so unusual.

I went into a Toyota dealership and looked at the Hybrid Highlander too. Its the stupidest design EVER! They’ve added a third row of seating that folds down into the trunk but it makes the floor too high up. We want the dog to be able to sit/lay down on the floor when we travel and its so unsafe if he’s going to be up so high. The element gives us the ability to put a dog bed on the floor right behind the front seats and clip his seatbelt harness to the floor. Super safe for him. We could even travel with both cats and the birds! we could actually go places! Its fantastic.

Going to go test drive one this week sometime to see if its actually any good to drive. I don’t want it to drive like a truck. Then I’ll get to dream about it for months….potentially years before I can actually afford one.

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The Toronto Auto Show

Staysea and I went down to the Auto Show on Saturday after a friend of mine gave us tickets. It was pretty cool. We saw a Maybach 62 S. If you’ve never heard of one, I’m not surprised, they are hand made, and the one we saw was $450,000 USD. At over 6 meters long and weighing 1.5 metric tones, it’s a beast. Couple it’s size and weight with a twin-turbo V12 at 612 HP and 738 lb-ft of torque, it will take off from 0 – 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. Oh and it has reclining seats in the back with foot rests.


The Acura guys, had their concept car out that looks like a concept of the batmobile. Not very exciting at the Acura area now that they don’t make any sports cars, just sport sedans. Since I own 2 Acrua’s I was hoping for a little more excitement.


The exotics were there, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Austin Martin and Bentley.


There were 2 cars that really made me go ‘wow I want one” and they were the Audi R8 and this custom Holden, the pictures of the Holden do not do it justice. The paint on the car was even more stunning than the Lamborghini above.



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This is my “child”

Jason and I tend to treat our dog and our cats like little furry children. Thats not news to anyone. But today while browsing through the blogs I randomly came across this picture of Happie. The glazed look in his crossed eyes and the lolling tongue….definitely not taking responsibility for that!

Happie Rtrd

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Further Evidence That I May be Old and Lame

Excitement and joy abounds in the Johnston-McLeod household, as my airmiles finally pay off for something super exciting, introducing the Bissel Powertrax Revolution, fun for all!

I feel that I may be old if I’m excited about a vacuum cleaner, but I am. And it was very satisfying to clean the carpets. It was even more exciting to see that it came with a little turbo brush do-hicky that cleaned my floor mats of Dog hair very, very well. Look at that clean right side! I can’t wait till the snow is gone again so I can put them back in my car.


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Doggy Dinner


During a recent foster home visit I met a woman who had done some research on pet foods and recommended to me that I take a closer look at what I was feeding my beloved Happie.

I was feeding him Purina Pro-Plan food, it comes fairly well recommended and is a decent food but since we started him on that food years ago there has been a new development in dog food and the shelves are now overflowing with healthier more natural dog foods.

So today Jason and I went down to SuperPet and spent an hour and a half reading dog food labels in the healthy-food isle. We picked up Merrick Wilderness Blend Gourmet Entree’ dry food. Its made with buffalo, venison and salmon meat, and those actually are the top three ingredients on the label. Its also full of freeze dried carrots, potato pieces and whole peas, as well as apple and blueberries. We’re impressed enough by his reaction to it (he’s never been really interested in food and he was excited about this stuff) that we thought his table needed a setting more reflective of his tastes. (You’ll notice his bowl is licked clean)

You should check out the ingredients in what your pets are eating and re-evaluate. Merrick is coming out with a cat food in the spring, Pandora and Duncan are excited already (they ate the dogs food as soon as his back was turned).

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New Kitchen!


So this is the general idea. Dark grey counter tops with black trim is a really nice look for less than a home depot counter top. Our real-estate agent thinks it’ll add real value to the place… but not until after we buy it, she was sure about that. lol


This is our pretty new tiles, white subway tiles, very trendy right now, I had no idea until watching TLC on saturday and we saw them on every show! So now I’m in style too, bonus!! We even came up with a new Life Lesson for TLC “just because you saw Mike Holmes grout tile doesn’t mean you know how”. We figured it out anyways…at 1:30am in a panic to fix it before the grout dried.


New dishwasher, my personal favorite! And the new microwave cabinet for extra storage and we gained back the cabinet on top of the fridge that was blocked by the microwave before.

So this is the new kitchen! Its not quite finished yet, we still have some minor details to work out….like repainting EVERYTHING because the cabinets are definitely yellowish compared to the white of the new tiles, appliances and microwave cabinet.

We’re really grateful to Glenn for coming down here and designing this for us and really making it happen…AND on such short notice, so sooner did we think ‘mmmm, new kitchen’ did he have plans and room in his busy schedule for us. We look forward to many family meals in our new space!

We also want to thank our friends for coming over to help and for thinking but not announcing how glad they are for having bought new homes from builders. lol

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Kitchen Renovation – Before Pictures

Unfortunately I never got around to taking a picture of my kitchen when it was all set up and clean….probably because the clean part was so rare. But I have ‘before’ pictures from after we emptied all my stuff out.


To my old kitchen I say “screw you tacky fruit fake tiles!” Some people just have such terrible taste. Check out this pic from before we moved in.


This is the disaster we got to work with when we moved in. First thing was to rip out all the fruit boarder, fruit light switches etc. but those fake fruit tiles were a real pain. We replaced the fridge with a fancy new one and replaced the stove with our own. Then we painted all the walls my favorite colour of all time…turquoise!! Yay! We also put in some more modern lighting that was directional and brighter. I’m a big fan of my kitchen and I can’t wait to have more room in it!

Next step: Built in dishwasher, new counter top and MORE SPACE!!! YAY!!!

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I wanted to show off these pretty napkins with matching napkin rings and wine stem decorations Alison MADE for me for Christmas!

The napkins are black cotton with embroidered paw design and the rings are braided copper wire with femo draw print decorations.

The wine stem decorations are braided copper wire with femo decorations and matching turquoise beads.

I’ll post with information about how to purchase your very own set ASAP!!

I’m in love with them, Thanks Al!

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Punta Cana – Home Time

We’re just waiting in the lobby waiting for our shuttle to the airport. Today was nice, we sat and relaxed. Staysea’s cough is back in full force so she can’t wait to get home, where it’s not so humid and she can be in her own bed. We had to check out by noon, but they kept our bags for us, and gave us a courtesy room to shower and change for the trip back. We managed to pick up a photo album for our trip with the last of our pesos. See you all soon.

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Punta Cana – Day 6

Today Staysea’s cold that we managed to leave behind caught up with us. So we spent a good portion of the day sitting in the shade. We found a perfect spot in among some trees that had grown over to provide a nice little cave of leaves. There was a tiny yellow breasted bird that came and ate the bugs for us.

In the evening, we went for our Dominican dinner. I had a Cocochco soup which was chicken, beef and pork in a vegtable broth. Very good. Staysea had the chicken, which was much you would expect it to be if the Sweedish Chef went crazy with a cleaver on a whole chicken. The staff gave Staysea some sort of drink that was supposed to help her throat and cold, she drank most of it as we really where not quite sure what it was. Tomorrow we head back, but late so we should be able to get a bit more sun before we leave.

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Punta Cana – Day 5

Today was our excursion. We went to the Marinarium. It’s an oceonographical conservation area where they teach conservation and enviromental protection. We where picked up at 1pm from our hotel in a nice air conditioned bus for a 25 minute drive to the Marinarium.

When we got there we where greeted with drinks and waited for a few more people to show up. Then we headed out on a catameran to the coral areas, and the padocks. Since we’re both excellent swimers, we went on the advanced tour which was 45 minutes of snorkling around the coral where we saw LOTS of fish. Schools would come right up to you. I saw a small stingray grey with black spots, about the size of a dinner plate. Staysea and I had lost touch with each other until we made it to the podocks where we swam right next to nurse sharks and sting rays. I think Staysea was expecting pet store sized sharks and sting rays, but the sharks where a good 8 feet, and the sting rays where a good 5-6 feet long. I dove down and swam along side one of the nurse sharks on a couple of occasions, as well as the sting rays. Staysea got caught up when someone was chasing one shark and it met up with another 2 sharks, who then swam up to avoid each other and grazed her somach with it’s tail, very exciting for both of them the shark and Staysea. After the sharks and sting rays, we headed along the coast to a bay where the water was only 4 feet deep, and we where treated to a good round of drinks in the water and Bob Marley music. We were told that the local school childen get to take the same trip we did, minus the floating bar, to learn about local marine life and how to better take care of it for the future.

After a shower back at the hotel, a few of the local vendors where setup in the lobby. Staysea managed to haggle an amber necklace down from $95 USD to $15 in one shot. Good job honey. Another fantastic day.

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Punta Cana – Day 4

Today was of the lest exciting days, as we woke up, ate breakfast, had a nap, had lunch then sat in the sun. Staysea did get to hold an iguana that was quite lovely and wierd feeling all at once. I saw a pelican while I was out for my daily swim in the ocean.

We did have dinner at the Italian restaurant, had a very nice bottle of wine we paid extra for. Staysea made a new friend, a little white kitten with patches of black and brown. She tried to pick him up, but he would have none of that, so she ran into the buffet to grab some tuna for him. He had her number pegged though, he was waiting for her when she came out and ran once around her legs before accepting her gift of fish. There is a slight but little chance we will actually make it to the disco tonight. Hopes are high that one day some time we will be awake past 10pm and willing to travel.

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Punta Cana – Day 3

Today, since we burned our legs so well yesterday, we decided to spend time in the shade. We got up a bit later, had breakfast and headed beach side to sit near the ocean and watch the waves.

In the afternoon after lunch we headed into the little village next to the resort. It really is just a shopping area, with a number of little places setup. The people were very nice, not too too pushy, but eager enough to show you what they had to sell. We went down the road to the end of town, about a 5 minute walk to buy some cigars from a shop that the tour guide recommended. They were the best cigars I’ve ever had very smooth and nice. I bought 10 of them at full price, which I feel quite good about. Thirty-five USD for 10 cigars is an excellent price, and will get a lot further purchased locally than back home. We also stopped in at the grocery store to purchase 2 bottles of rum and sun screen. Our bill came to 600 pesos, or about $20 CND, the lotion was the most expensive 300 pesos.

When we got back to town I played a round of water polo, had one good save as the goalie and 2 goals playing forward. Staysea watched from the deck of the pool. Then it was back to the beach for some shade and Bana Mamas for Staysea and cervesa for me.

Staysea also got us a pet for about 5 minutes, a little gecko named Murphy. His is very small. There are LOTS of geckos running around all over the place.

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Spanish Dinner

We had a wonderful dinner despite our now burnt legs. The Spanish restaurant was excellent. We were not able to finish al of our dinners as we were so stuffed by the portions. I had a braised rabbit, and Staysea had a spanish omelet and garlic shrimp

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Punta Cana – Day 2

We went for a walk on the beach, down to the end of our resort. There is a small village just off the beach at our end that we are going to visit tomorrow.

Staysea has discovered Bana Mamas, a bunch of rum and some frozen fruit slush. Quite tasty. Today is a good clear day to sit next to the pool and drink, read, play DS and enjoy the nice weather.

Tonight we have dinner reservations at the Spanish restaurant. One of the three dinners as part of our package. I’m looking forward to trying the Dominican dinner on Friday.

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Day One Punta Cana

We did get to the airport a little early, 5pm for an 8:45 flight may have been over cautious, but we did make our plane and have a few drinks before hand.

The flight was more like a sardine can. They added two extra seats on th Aribus 310, to make it 3×3. And too hot. Plus wicked tubrulance, left us both feeling quite queasy and grateful to land.
Customs was a brease, the split the line right in front of us which put us at the front.

The trip into the hotel was fairly short, but heroing, as the roads are muddy and wet, and the small van we where in with 2 other couples going to the same resort, being a little less than off road capable.

It was all worth it though, our room is very nice, with a jacuzzi tub and shower. It took us 3 times of the room going dark before we figured out to leave our room key in the small swipe pad next to the door. That leaves the power and AC on in the room while you are there.
This morning we had a nice breakfast with quick service and wonderful coffee. Then an orientation of the facilities, and some time in the pool next to the bar. While we where there two gentlemen with a little monkey came around, and had the monkey posing for pictures. He was very cute, his name was Punta. He would sit on your shoulder then lay on his back when you cradled your arms. Quite the charmer.
Now off to lunch and down to the beach for some ocean.

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New C’puter


Isn’t she pretty!! Takes up less room on my desk than my laptop too!!

It was our family christmas present to ourselves. I’m still learning how to use a mac but its getting easier, its just hard to learn how to do things on it because its so much easier than with windows….its harder because its easier…..it doesn’t make much sense but thats what its like.

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Are you Tone Deaf?

Picture 3I took an interesting musical test. I figured that I wasn’t too bad at hearing music. How’s your score? Test yours here.

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Gum Eating Contests Hurt


My jaw is a bit sore, but the gum eating contest was fun. Roberto won with 20 halloween pieces of Double Bubble, I managed to get 12 in my mouth. To any future gum chewers, I have words of advice. One piece at a time. Don’t do 2 batches of 6 like me, it just doesn’t work out very well.

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We’re Married

YAY! We’re married. Staysea and Jason Johnston-McLeod. Of course you can now get here via http://johnston-mcleod.com and http://johnstonmcleod.com. I’m just working on fixing the times on our wedding photos, so that I can actually go through them in chronological order. I had my laptop setup at the wedding and Spencer collected everyones photos for me. Well over a thousand pictures.

Shannon wins by the way for having her camera clock set the furthest away from the actual date, 25,258 hours and 51 minutes slow. Way to go Shannon. You win! I don’t know what yet, but I’m sure I can find something.

Pictures will follow in the gallery very soon, 2-3 days hopefully.

Thank you to everyone who sent us good wishes, and came out to party, we had a fantastic time and a great night. We love you all.

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Fantastic Weekend – Now with Pictures

Thanks to all our friends and family that took us out to have a good time for our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. We had a great time and it took me till to day to sit upright and write this. Really looking forward to the 28th and another party and our wedding day!

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Getting Married

So, we’ve said it before, but we really are getting Married this time. October 28th, 2006, is the day, and it is going to be a lot of fun. Staysea and I are both looking forward to the day, as are our friends. The hall, reception, minister, license and invitations all taken care of. Staysea’s mom is making her dress, I’m going to rent a tux. I can’t wait.

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We Need Your Help to Get Married

Staysea and I had to postpone our wedding planned for next summer; but you can help us have our wedding this summer at the CNE! We have been selected as one of the 10 finalists, and it will be an awesome party!

Vote for us here: http://www.northamericanmidway.com/motm/cne/weddingvote.aspx

Guys weekend = score for Staysea

So while Jason was away with Paul, Mark, Aman and John up at his parents place I had to get out of the house to keep myself from falling asleep. I headed down to HomeSense to spend a couple of hours browsing and getting ideas for our place. I do this quite frequently, and a couple of months ago I came across these dishes, fell madly in love with them and bought every one in the store….which was only two sets. After many ebay searches and google searches I was never able to find more dishes, even Janine looked in the stores up near her place. So I resigned myself to only having two place settings….UNTIL TODAY! I walked into HomeSense today and SCORE!! they had two whole sets (16 place settings)! I picked up 6 more place settings to complete my set at 8!!! I’m pretty darn happy about it, there was no way I wanted to spend that kind of money today but it was an opportunity not to be missed. Yay!

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Why did Ty have to die?

Ty and Jason.JPG

On Saturday morning we had to put Ty to sleep. On Friday night we discovered he was sick and an emergency vet visit in the morning revealed that Ty was yet another budgie that has fallen victim to a tumor. Tumors are apparently as common in fancy budgies as they are in rats. Ty was only two years old. We’ll miss him.

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Trip Interupted

So, we’re on our way to Fredericton, and because I’m a complete idiot, and can’t read times, we missed our flight. So we are currently in a bar, and drinking. To add to the misery, Staysea’s Danier purse failed her, and the zipper is now broken. So with new tickets and a new purse in tow, we are sitting having drinks waiting for our new flight.

Duncan Likes Corn

Duncan apparently really likes corn on the cob. We didn’t give that cob to him, he jumped up on the counter picked it up and ran away. Then we took it away, and he did it again, so he won. He did eat it all too, minus the cob of course.


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The gift of cooking!

food processor.jpg
Check out my fancy new food processor! Its my first ever kitchen appliance of my very own and my only kitchen appliance! I’m very excited about cooking again, I’m going to make a pesto in the bottom part and shred mozza in the top part then make a pizza!! Yummm!
Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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Back in Canada

Today we went to Buffalo with Ray & Shannon and Paul & Sonia to do some shopping. Had a nice time, got to see the new Apple MacBooks, and got to go to the Avery in Niagara. Very cool avery, Staysea insisted that we stop, and I’m glad we did.

I’m also glad the dollar is doing so well, and both of us where able to get a nice collection of new clothes for a decent price.

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30 is not so bad

I went downtown yesterday with Mark, my Dad, Brother and Tim to a couple of the micro breweries. We visited Steam Whistle and Mill St. Breweries. Had great time, and then when I got home from dinner, I had a wonderful surprise party for my 30th birthday, everyone came and brought Guinness! Staysea arranged the whole thing with food and food and food and lots of my friends.

Thank you so much Staysea, I love you, and thanks to everyone who came over to call me old. I had a fantastic time.

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JAYSRIDE Gets a New Look

Staysea has traded me her 1998 Neon, for my 1997 EL, and I’ve traded her Neon, and some money for a 2002 RSX Type-S. It is very nice and fun to drive (or ride in) as Staysea, My Dad and Mark will attest to. We picked her up yesterday, and ran into some difficulty getting the plates off of the EL. Seems that the bolts had seized and then freely spun in the bumper. Twenty minutes of drilling and cursing later, the bolts where drilled out and the plates where free. Now the EL is just waiting for her STAYSEA plates which are on order with the MTO.


Is nothing sacred anymore!!!!!??!


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April Showers

duncan and happie cuddles.JPG

It may just be raining outside but my life has been a tornado lately! Where to start…. well school has been nightmarish, anyone thats been brave enough to speak to me lately knows I’ve reached my upper limit of patience and can turn into a rabid raccoon without notice. But school is done now, at least my classes are done and all of the assignments are handed in.
Now we’re moving on to exams. I find exams 1,000,000 times better than the rest of the semester. I suck at exams, blank paper makes my mind go blank, and writing exams in the athletic centre makes me feel like we’re all busily filling out applications for who gets to be shot by the evil mono-tone moderator first. Still, exams are better than the rest of the semester (which doesn’t say much for how nightmarish school has become).

As you may have heard my brother managed to get his foot run over by his own car, the details on that are a little unclear (scotch whiskey will do that to you) but he’s recovering and back at Brock to finish up his first year. Just so we’re all clear his new name is Speedbump, Skidmark was a close second but you’d really have to have been there to see the bloodly skidmark to not want to re-live that everytime you want to make a crack at Spencer.

My mom was here for a couple of weeks getting Spencer back on his feet so we actually got to live like humans for a couple of weeks! It was great! Thanks Mom! Now we’re back to having our coffee with icing sugar because I haven’t gone grocery shopping and eating questionable leftovers because it would take too much time to dig out the kitchen to cook. This is my least favorite time of year….my priorities get sooo messed up that my car is actually sitting in the garage with a flat tire because I can’t take the time to go get it fixed. Whats worse is that I have to miss Easter!

The summer is my light at the end of the tunnel! I’m working in Guelph for my favorite person I’ve met at school so far Chef Simon. I’ll be mostly working in the kitchen, an activity I find very exciting! I’m working the 6am -4pm shift so I’ll be getting up around 4:30am all summer! yay! Well its a wicked job despite the early morning hours. I’m actually about a thousand times happier to be working the morning, that way i’m home for the early evening to take Happie out for a bike ride..a death wish?…maybe, but so far we’ve managed to avoid total disaster, but alot more of my friends have 911 on speed dial since Happie and I have taken up biking together.

Ok, well its back to studying for me, see you all when i come out of hiding after the 24th of April!

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Wine Label Project

Check out http://beer.sdf1.net and rate our wine label designs!

Special Thanks to Blue Frog for all your help with the new design!


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My Fiance is Wicked Smart

In case you didn’t already know how smart she is, she is also now on the Deans List for her program.

Way to go sweetheart.

My Uncle met the PM

Img14My Uncle Rob, who is stationed in Kandahar, got his picture taken with Prime Minister Harper during his visit on March 13th. My uncle is the one in the bottom left of the photo. Come home safe! Photo courtesy of CTV.

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Finally feeling better

I have been sick since last Thursday, and I’m finally back on my feet and back at work. Unfortunately, I was on vacation to spend time with Staysea last week, and that didn’t go too well, with me completely out of it for the majority of her reading week. I think the last time I was sick was on vacation too, in Vancouver on my birthday, so I’m doing really well getting sick when I’m supposed to be having fun. Yay me.

Saturday Night 3am


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A month!!

We haven’t updated this blog in a month! Its not like nothings happened in a month, its more like too much has happened.

Christmas was awesome, we had Christmas day at our place with my family, played trivial pursuit pop culture and ate ALOT. Grandma came down with her dogs Ruby and Ginger so we had quite the houseful of animals. After that we headed up to Jasons parents place to hang out with them and Paul and Mel. Mel, Janine and spent a wonderful day at the spa getting massages and our nails done. Happie ran around like a mad man and then crashed for two days when we got home.

New years we had a intimate get together with our friends, played some poker, drank a bunch and made a couple of resolutions I have yet to keep.

Then lucky for me I still had a week off to de-tox from all the alcohol over the break so I headed down to London to visit Kat and Evan who are expecting their baby Finn “any second” although he’s not being cooperative and is taking his sweet time. (Their link will be up shortly)

Then school started again and it was like being hit by a transport truck, this semester has got to be the heaviest I’ve ever experienced, weekly assignments in EVERY class and two online courses that require massive amount of time for participation marks. My head is already spinning. When is reading week again??

Last weekend we headed across town to Rob’s birthday party, met alot of his very cool friends and had a wicked time. Jason and Paul might have been the only straight guys there but they’re both so cute you couldn’t tell. lol

Now two weeks into the semester I’ve taken the morning off to get caught up with people on MSN and take a breather. And also to update our blog because the kitten is cute but its not Christmas anymore. I need to start working on his easter costume…poor kitten.

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Christmas break = Lots of free time

duncan with present.JPG

Our month of customer service hell continues

So yesterday the “check engine soon” light came on in my little 8 year old Neon.
“Damn you little wreched beast!” I say.
So I take the car over to Parkway Chrysler and say “Can you tell me whats wrong with my bastard car, oh and ignore this, and this, and this…I already know those things are broken.”
So I get into the shuttle van and this smelly old Irish man starts yelling at me all the way back to Jasons office, he was upset that he had to drive me so far, that was fun. Good customer service.
Later they call me back and say
“Your ignition coil, wires and plugs need to be replaced, it’ll be about $900”.
“Damn!” I say “I just replaced all of those things!”
“Well” he says “everything is rusted”.
“Fine, I’m going to pick up and bring it to my mechanic in the morning”
So this morning I took the little bastard car down to Wally at Sentinal Automotive in Milton (905-878-8066) and he putters with it a while and says “Those dumb idiots are morons (or something to that extent), you’ve got one bad spark plug wire, here I fixed it.”
“You mean Chrystler told me I needed $900 worth of work when all I needed was one new wire?”
The moral of this long and boring tale is that Parkway Chrysler is the devil……or more generally Chrysler is the devil.

And if you need a mechanic I suggest you visit Sentinal Auto in Milton (On Bronte Rd. north of Derry Rd) and see Wally or Steve.

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Alison showed me a site today, called Pandora. It’s created by the Music Genome Project. The reason I’m telling you about this site is because of what it can do. You type in the name of your favorite artist or song, and it creates a streaming radio station of songs that match that musical style. Not just genre matching, but instrument usage, similarities in the song structure and mood of the music. I listened all day today. Give it a try yourself.

Link: Pandora


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Remembrance Day

CapoppyThanks to all the people who fight to defend my freedom and peace that I enjoy each and every day. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you.

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Hockey Night

So, as un-canadian as this sounds, I played hockey for the first time in my life, last night at 12:45 am. I had an awesome time. I’m very sore now, but it was great! I’m going to look into finding a league, where people suck just like me and want to have a good time falling down. Thanks to everyone who showed up, we should do it again, let’s say Christmas time.

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Staysea Will You Marry Me?

I’m proposing to Staysea right now. I’ll update this when we get home from our dinner. Wish me luck.

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Birds for Adoption

AlfredCherubCobalt And AlexxaSaraphin

Alfred is an adult male budgie. He was found outside obviously lost from someones home in the Mississauga/ Meadowvale area. Alfred gets along great with othe budgies but is not a good pet for children as he doesn’t have much interest in people and will bite if grabbed.

Cherub is a male budgie probably between 6-12 months old. He is petite, only about 2/3 the size of a regular budgie. Cherub is a rescued budgie that has not “emotionally recovered” from his past life. He does not like being held and is terrified of being “chased” by peoples hands. Cherub needs to go to a home where he can live with budgie friends without much interference from people.

Cobalt and Alexxa are a “couple”. They cannot be adopted separately. Alexxa suffered a broken wing that was never properly treated and as a result has difficulty flying. Cobalt tends to sick pretty close to Alexxa and both of them if adopted together could warm up to a person and become very happy pets.

Saraphin is a gorgeous female budgie with remarkable green and yellow colouring. She is fully flighted and fairly tame with people. She absolutely loves toys, she’s a very adventurous bird who would make an excellent pet if she lived with someone willing to spend alot of time with her to build her trust in people.

Ambrose is a female budgie (white and pale blue). She’s a very tame bird who would make a great pet for anyone, she doesn’t mind being held and given the time to get to know someone she’s quite happy to spend time with them.

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Truthfull Ranting

I didn’t write this but whoever did deserves an applause and a stiff drink.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Idiot,

We receive an extremely high volume of inquiries and requests to
accept surrendered animals. To help us expedite your problem as
quickly as possible, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Do not say that you are, “considering finding a good home,”
or, “feel you might be forced to,” or, “really think it would be
better if,” you unloaded the poor beast. Ninety-five percent of you
already have your minds stone-cold made up that the animal will be
out of your life by the weekend or holiday at the latest. Say so. If
you don’t, I’m going to waste a lot of time giving you common-sense,
easy solutions for very fixable problems, and you’re going to waste
a lot of time coming up with fanciful reasons why the solution
couldn’t possibly work for you.

For instance, you say the cat claws the furniture, and I tell you
about nail-clipping and scratching posts and aversion training, and
then you go into a long harangue about how your husband won’t let
you put a scratching post in the family room, and your ADHD daughter
cries if you use a squirt bottle on the cat, and your congenital
thumb abnormalities prevent you from using nail scissors and etc.,
etc. Just say you’re getting rid of the cat.

2. Do not waste time trying to convince me how nice and humane you
are. Your coworker recommended that you contact me because I am nice
to animals, not because I am nice to people, and I don’t like people
who “get rid of” their animals. “Get rid of,” is my least favorite
phrase in any language. I hope someone,”gets rid” of you someday. I
am an animal advocate, not a people therapist. After all, you can
get counselors, special teachers, doctors, social workers, etc., for
your ADHD daughter. Your pet has only me, and people like me, to
turn to in his or her need, and we are overworked, stressed-out, and
demoralized. So don’t tell me this big long story about how, “We
love this dog so much, and we even bought him a special bed that
cost $50, and it is just killing us to part with him, but honestly,
our maid is just awash in dog hair every time she cleans, and his
breath sometimes just reeks of liver, so you can see how hard we’ve
tried, and how dear he is to us, but we really just can’t … .”

You are not nice, and it is not killing you. It is, in all
probability, literally killing your dog, but you’re going to be just
fine once the beast is out of your sight. Don’t waste my time trying
to make me like you or feel sorry for you in your plight.

3. Do not try to convince me that your pet is exceptional and
deserves special treatment. I don’t care if you taught him to sit. I
don’t care if she’s a beautiful Persian. I have a waiting list of
battered and/or whacked-out animals who really need help, and I have
no room to shelter your pet because you decided you no longer have
time for your 14-year-old Lab.

Do not send me long messages detailing how Fido just l-o-v-e-s
blankies and carries his favorite blankie everywhere, and oh, when
he gets all excited and happy, he spins around in circles, isn’t
that cute? He really is darling so it wouldn’t be any trouble at all
for us to find him a good home. Listen.. we can go down to the pound
and count the darling, spinning, blankie-loving beasts on death row
by the dozens, any day of the week. And, honey, Fido is a six-year-
old shepherd-mix weighing 75 pounds. I am not lying when I tell you
big, older, mixed-breed, garden-variety dogs are almost always
completely unadoptable, and I don’t care if they can whistle Dixie
or send smoke signals with their blankies.

What you don’t realize, though you’re trying to lie to me, you’re
actually telling the truth: Your pet is a special, wonderful,
amazing creature. But this mean old world does not care. More
importantly, you do not care, and I can’t fix that problem. All I
can do is grieve for all the exceptional animals who live short,
brutal, loveless lives and die without anyone ever recognizing they
were indeed very, very special.

Finally, just, for God’ s sake, for the animal’s sake, tell the
truth, and the whole truth. Do you think if you just mumble your cat
is, “high-strung” I will say, “Okey-dokey! No problem!”and take it
into foster care? No, I will start asking questions and uncover the
truth, which is your cat has not used a litter box in the last six

Do not tell me you “can’t” crate your dog. I will ask what happens
when you try to crate him, and you will either be forced to tell me
the symptoms of full-blown, severe separation anxiety, or else you
will resort to lying some more, wasting more time.

And, if you succeed in placing your pet in a shelter or foster care,
do not tell yourself the biggest lie of all: “Those nice people will
take him and find him a good home, and everything will be fine.”
Those nice people will indeed give the animal every possible chance,
but if we discover serious health or behavior problems, if we find
that your misguided attempts to train or discipline him have driven
him over the edge, we will do what you are too immoral and cowardly
to do: We will hold the animal in our arms, telling him truthfully
he is a good dog or cat, telling him truthfully we are sorry and we
love him, while the vet ends his life. Some are not so lucky and
will face the gas chamber, depending on the part of the country
you’re in…a slow, painful death.

How can we be so heartless as to kill your pet, you ask? Do not ever
dare to judge us. At least we tried. At least we stuck with him to
the end. At least we never abandoned him to strangers, as you
certainly did, didn’t you? In short, this little old rescuer/foster
momma has reached the point where she would prefer you tell it like
it is:

“We picked up a free pet in a parking lot a couple of years ago. Now
we don’t want it anymore. We’re lazier than we thought. We’ve got no
patience either. We’re starting to suspect the animal is really
smarter than we are, which is giving us self-esteem issues. Clearly,
we can’t possibly keep it. Plus, it might be getting sick; it’s
acting kind of funny.”

“We would like you to take it in eagerly, enthusiastically, and
immediately. We hope you’ll realize what a deal you’re getting and
not ask us for a donation to help defray your costs. After all, this
is an (almost) pure-bred animal, and we’ll send the leftover food
along with it. We get it at the discount store, and boy, it’s a
really good deal.”

“We are very irritated you haven’t shown pity on us in our great
need and picked the animal up already.We thought you people were
supposed to be humane! Come and get it today.”

“No, we couldn’t possibly bring it to you; the final episode of

‘Survivor’ is on tonight.”

~~Author Unknown ~~

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Wonderland Is Still Fun

So, Canada’s Wonderland is still fun. Had a great time on the roller coasters and in the water park all day. Spent half of yesterday at the Farmers Market in St. Jacobs. Where Happie got a big bone, Staysea got some butter tarts and some fresh veggies and I got a summer sausage. All of which are delicious to their respective owners.

Happy Birthday to Paul A. too, as he joined the ranks of the 29s on Friday at his poker party, and his lovely wife Sonia turned a year as well.

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Lost Budgie Found

We have a yellow budgie with light green stripes, a light green tail and light grey flight feathers. He was found in the Meadowvale area of Derry Rd and 10th line in Mississauga. If you are missing a budgie that meets that description email us at staysea@sdf1.net or post a comment to this posting.

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Budgie Update

I wanted to extend another huge thanks to Cindy Ironside for her generous donation for the new budgies!! Cindy adopted Icebyrg from me a couple of months ago and has quickly become a bird lover and an excellent care taker for Icebyrg. I want all my birds to go to homes with people like Cindy. So thank-you, twice over!

In other exciting news Shire is a boy!! Shire is the budgie who we were most worried about, the damage from the mites on his beak was so bad you couldn’t see his cere (area around the nostrils). Today when I came home from work enough of his beak had recovered that some small spots of blue are visible, which means he’s a boy. He’s going back to see Dr. Valsamis next weekend to get some work done on his cross beak. He’s going to be a beautiful bird when he’s all better again, but he wont be up for adoption (sorry) he’s going to stay with us.

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Newest Budgie Rescue

july 29 rescue colage.JPG resized.jpg

Introducing the 8 newest members to the Johnston-McLeod Zoo for damaged animals!

These 8 pretty little budgies came to stay last friday and they’ve been with us a week now! After much love and care we’re happy to announce they are all doing remarkably well! It hasn’t been an easy process and we (the birds and I) owe a HUGE Thanks to Melissa and Paul McLeod and my mom Ronda for their very very generous donations to pay for emergency vet treatments for Oliver, Shire and Martini (named after Melissas cat). Thank-you guys so much, I really appreciate the support you guys have always given me and especially now during the really tough times. Jason and I are now living with 17 budgies!! Theres a prize for anyone who came come over here and know all of them by name! lol

About these birds in brief: They guys were rescued from a situation worse then I had ever imagined budgies could survive through. They are very ill and infested with “Scaly-face Mites” that eat the birds skin, legs, feet and beaks. The only treatment for mites is very expensive treatments from the vet. Thanks to Mel and Paul and my Mom the three birds who were worst-off got their inital treatments and will soon start to feel alot better.

We will be trying to raise money over the coming weeks to get the other 5 treated so we can nurse them all back to health and adopt them out to good homes. So if you are able to donate that would be incredible! Its $130 per bird for the vet treatment and I can get you a tax receipt for your donation. Our budgie rescue effort are not funded by the Mississauga Humane Society but the MHS will provide tax receipts for any donations. Email me at staysea@sdf1.net.

The 6 of these guys we’re adopting out should be ready to go to new homes sometime after Christmas, so if you’re interested in adopting a pair of budgies keep in touch!

My Mom Graduated

Janine's Graduation - 15So, My mom graduated university. At the ripe old age of something older than me and younger than time itself. And now that she is well edumicated, she can go on to fulfill lifelong ambitions and dreams of glory in Environmental Science. What ever dreams those might be, I think they are to find a job above minimum wage. Way to go Mom!

Pictures Here: Janine’s Grad

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Search Engine Friendly

I read an interesting article, that simply asked the question “Do search engines like your site?”. Good question, with some further digging, it appears that indeed my site is well liked, and indexed appropriately on Google, MSN and Yahoo. This site is also the first result when searching for my name, on MSN and Yahoo, 4th on Google.

The article can be found here: Venturus – Internet Entrepreneur Community

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Happy Canada Day

DSCN3457.JPGDSCN3464.JPGStaysea and I went and watched the fireworks down in Port Credit. It was a little cool out but it was a good show. We had some coffee, Tim bits and a blanket to keep warm. Hope everyone had a good Canada Day, and there is still a great weekend ahead. Happy Canada Day!

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Round table discussions..etc

DSCN3442.JPGToday the budgies and I held our semi-annual round-table meeting to discuss important business matters. Their requests this year included a collar with a bell for the cat and more variety of potato chip flavors.

In other news not a lot has been happening, I’ve been working and suffering though the heat just like everyone else. I’m pretty excited about Paul and Mel’s wedding which is coming up pretty soon. My parents are in town visiting which is very cool. I won a poker game with Jason’s hardcore poker buddies which was no small task, those guys are good. But other than that I’m just waiting out the summer until I get to go back to school. I was there yesterday with my Mom handing in some forms and we met up with my friend Jay S. for lunch under a tree on campus. I really miss school, working downtown T.O. is really not my thing, too smelly, too loud and way too hot.

Off to watch the fireworks down in Port Credit!! Happy Birthday Canada!!!


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