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I finally got a legendary in Warcraft.

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Apollo 11 Launch 40 Years Later

Thanks to the JFK Presidential Library and NASA, starting today, you can visit http://www.wechoosethemoon.org and follow in real time, the Apollo 11 mission. Including audio of CAPCOM, the Ship and Eagle (When it gets to the moon).

It’s a spectacular site. Once the mission is over the whole site will be re-playable in any order, but for now, it’s a blow by blow of the mission just as it was 40 years ago.

When I think of the technology I cary around in my pocket on a daily basis and how it would run circles against the best that NASA had when this mission was launched, this mission is truly a testament to the men and women of the space mission. Amazing.

We Choose the Moon

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First Tier 7 Piece

Our guild Knights Who Say Ni is progressing along quite well. We had so many people signed up for the 10 man Obsidian Sanctum that we decided to find a couple more and do the 25 man version instead. Less than 45 minutes later I won the roll for my first piece of Tier 7 gear, Valorous Cryptstalker Handguards. Very nice in deed.

I’ll update with the Warcraft Web Stats link later.

Edit: WWS Stats I got disconnected twice during the final boss fight, crappy internet to blame for that. But that’s all fixed now, so hopefully no more connection issues.

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Trade Wars 2000

I loved playing Trade Wars 2000 on my old BBS, and others for that matter. So in light of that I’ve setup Alien Assault Traders on my blog. You can get to it here

Alien Assault traders, is essentially a clone of Trade Wars. You get a ship, and build your galactic empire through trade, colonization and domination. Check it out.

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R.I.P. XBox 360

So many fond memories before my dear beloved XBox 360 passed away early this afternoon.

He was a dear friend and will be missed. His replacement should be arriving in a month or so from the good folks at Microsoft who, have extended the warranty to 3 years, for XBoxes suffering the genetic default that is the “3 red lights of Death”.

So fare well my friend, you will be missed long after you’re gone.

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Now that I’m 32

I have thus far accomplished 2 great feats in my 32nd year.

1) I tamed Sian-Rotam, a white lion with a black mane. Note the superb double trapping skills used to claim my new pet.
2) I beat my first 2 songs on Hard in Guitar Hero 3


Staysea has instituted the first annual birthday club sandwich, which will replace the cake as my choice meal 🙂


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Just got back from the EB Games to pickup my copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. They opened the doors at midnight, but I wasn’t going to stand around that long. Ended up going by around 12:45 after having a pint at Staysea’s Milestones.

Only ended up lined up for about an hour, and well worth it, just from the Special Edition safety deposit box and the fun times waiting in line with a bunch of other die hard gamers. I’ve got tomorrow off so of to play. Just came up here for a few 40s and some chips 😉

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I have a fan

It would appear that I have a fan. Or at least a fan of my character name in Warcraft. Someone else has decided to use my Goobaroo name on a different realm. As far as I know it’s a completely made up name my brother and I came up with when we were kids. But that’s cool.

Original (Me)



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Ghost Wolf

I got my ghost wolf Saturday. Much thanks to Peacecuffin, Korruptedgrl and Draenicsham. They helped me out and without them, it would have been impossible.

Me and my Ghost Wolf

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Exaulted with Netherwings

I finally hit exalted with the Netherwing faction. Those who don’t know what that is, won’t care and those who do, I did it. I ran the daily quests, but I also spent a good amount of diligent time collecting Netherwing Eggs, 38 of them to be precise. More than enough to shave 5 days of the shortest 14 days without the Eggs. Here are a few screen shots. I ended up speaking to Onyxien and we will be adventuring together from now on.

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Ghost Mount


WoW Insider is giving away this sweet looking ghost mount. All you have to do is comment. Mine is #982. Man that would be sweet!

Yay! It snowed last night.

It snowed last night in Animal Crossings on my DS. That’s so cool. I wonder if I can make a snowman.

Update: I can make a snowman but he’s not very happy.

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Burnout Revenge for 360

I picked up Burnout the Revenge last night for the 360. It’s awsome. Great graphics, but a little slow some times when playing back crash intersections and counting up your points. I don’t know if it’s stressing the capabilities of the 360 or if it is a coding issue. Hopefuly there will be a patch out. Other than that, it’s excellent.

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Gamertag t-shirt

FacetagsI ordered a sweet shirt with my gamertag on it, so I can wear it while fragging people in Perfect Dark Zero. Totally l33t. I got mine through Facetags.

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Mechwarrior Tournament

So, I just finished my first Mechwarrior tournament over at Tripple Play. I won. And came away with 2 new pilots for my mechs. Very nice indeed. I’m still interested in setting up my own tournamets over at Ray’s comic shop. I got some contact information that should help out with that. So we’ll see what develops.

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Super Fantabulous XBox Day II

The second SFXBD was a great success and a lot of fun for all who came. I have a few pics from my phone, thanks to Aman for hosting it again, no better venue than a white empty basement. New addition this time around included a 600 point Mechwarrior game, go Kodiak.

Paul and Aman playing on one projectorMark and I cross projector streamsSweet Mechwarrior game

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Staysea and I are Registered

So, we are officially registered for the first time as a couple waiting to get married. We both have Gamertags for the new addition to our family, the XBOX 360.

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Mechwarrior Pr0n

DSC02820.JPGChristmas does come twice a year! As my good friends will attest, the delivery of a full case of Mechwarrior Liao Incursion is a day of celebration. These boxes will be divided among 4 of my close friends, tomorrow night at our weekly game. Joy of joys, revel my friends in the wonder of the tower of mechs!

My XBox Gamer Tag

My brother knows about the legend of the All Powerful Goobaroo. Now all I need is an XBox 360.

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Mario Unleashed

ThumbnailserverMy buddy Nick showed me this video. It is absolutely fabulous. Especially if you’re a gamer but impressive even if you’re not. Watch the video via Google Video, as some high school kids perform various themes from Mario games, it’s very well done.

Watch: Mario Unleashed

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Phantasy Star Online Episode IV Released

Now that the Beta has ended on the PC version of Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, they have released a whole new episode with new levels and monsters to kill. If you’re a PSO fan like me, this is a welcome diversion. The game is free to download, 15 days of free play and less than $10/month after that. Love it!


Via: Digg

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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst


How sweet is this. I used to play PSO on my Dreamcast and then on my XBox, except that for the XBox play you HAVE to have a Live account, that I didn’t want to pay for any more. Anyhow, there is an open Beta of the next PSO for PC. Free download, free play, and when they go live, you get to keep your character. Find out all the details here: PSO BB Official Site

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Forza Motorsport is Awesome

So, Staysea is off visiting her parents in Vancouver, so I am left here with my XBox and Forza racing. Actually, I played for 7 hours last night, and I must say it’s an awesome game.

I particularly like the fact that you can turn on a best line, that shows green when you’re okay for the corner, and fades to yellow and red to warn you that you’re not going to make it. Add to that a myriad of very cool and fast cars that can be painted, decaled, tuned, and upgraded and you have your self some racing fun.

There is also something called a Drivatar. Basically, it is an AI that you program by driving a series of tracks, both a set group of six tracks, and your average performance, of those tracks is how the Drivatar will perform when you choose to have it run the race instead of doing it your self. This is particularly useful when you have to go get another beer or cook dinner.

Giant Ewoks!

GiantewoksI got this off of Boing Boing. Apparently the online game Star Wars Galaxies, celebrated April Fools day, by setting giant Ewoks free in the game, to rampage and show that they are NOT cute and fuzzy, but a force to be reckoned with. Way too funny.

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Poker Night

Last night we hosted a poker night for a few friends from work and every day life. The big winners where Paul, Mark P and Agnes. It was a great time, and nice to have everyone over for food, drinks and some games. Warren managed to make it home this morning after a crash on our comfortable couch. Good times.

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Finished KOTOR 2

I finished Knights of the Old Republic 2 this morning. I liked it. I think it was fairly well done, even if Bioware didn’t produce this incarnation.

There where a number of bugs, that I could have lived without, but a nice one that was easy to exploit. That was, the swoop racing. There is a simple way to beat the swoop races, simply speed up to the first spherical obstacle, pause the game, abandon the race, and you are recorded with the time that you abandoned the race. I just don’t have a good enough picture on my TV to race properly. Other than that, the voice acting was solid.

I enjoyed a lot of the new force powers that where added, and the new combat forms. All made it seem much more that the character was a powerful Jedi, and couldn’t easily be taken out by stray blaster fire. That always annoyed me about the first one. But try it out for yourself.

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Old Games are New Again

I love it when this happens. I used to play Star Control way back when I was in grade 9 over 14 years ago, and it was a lot of fun. Funny and pretty good graphics and game play for it’s day. That holds true today, and thankfully a group of developers felt the same way about the game. So much so, that they rewrote it, for free, for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s available for download from SourceForge.

I’ve played it for a day or so now, and it holds up just as well as the original, and brings back all those warm and fuzzy memories. Check it out for yourself.

The Ur-Quan Masters

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Super Fantabulistic XBox Day

Today was Super Fantabulistic XBox Day, where all of my friends all got together with their XBoxes at our buddy, Aman’s house and played games. We borrowed the projector from the office, so we had a nice big 6 foot screen to play on; especially good with the 4 player split screen.

A great time.

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Sometimes People Change Their Mind

I really like playing my XBox. In fact Staysea has refered to it as the ‘other’ woman. However, since I got Tiger Woods Golf, it’s been difficult to get time to my XBox, since it is being constantly occupied by Staysea. Apparently, the XBox is not so evil and stupid as she once thought. I think I even heard her complain that her thumb was sore.
I even came home the other day to her and my buddy Mark playing together. I had to WAIT till they where done! (I got some groceries, pizza and beer). I’m not complaining as much as I’m adjusting to this new development. She is definately full of surprises, and isn’t that what we look for in a happy relationship? I do.

Sweet, Sweet Fable

Fable_Box.jpgI bought Fable last night for the XBox. I must say, it lives up to the hype. It is a lot of fun to play. The voice acting, musical score and story are very cinematic. I highly recommend it to any one looking for an outstanding role playing game for their XBox.


I’ve been waiting, like many people, for the release of Fable for XBox. It’s a role playing game, that is supposed to let you live out an entire life from childhood to death and every choice you make and everything you do changes your character in some little way. Get seriously wounded, you’ll have a scar when it heals. Be mean to people, they won’t like you so much when you come back around those parts. It’s a medieval/fantasy type setting and is due out in Sept. IGN has a great 12 page review, check it out

Xbox: Fable: The Greatest Preview of All Time

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X-Com: Tactical

I used to play X-Com a lot, and enjoyed every minute of it, right up until my computer outpaced the game and I couldn’t play any more. But two guys have brought part of that back to life with a FREE board game version of X-Com, that allows you to run a tactical mission. It includes manuals, the board and all the tokens needed for play.

Thanks guys!

X-Com: Tactical:
“X-Com: Tactical is a tabletop war/board game based on the popular X-Com: UFO Enemy Unknown (UFO Defence), computer game by Microprose. You play either the commander of X-Com, the Exterrestrial Combat unit, or the alien commander come to conquor and enslave the Earth.”

Update: I talked about the open source project X-Com: Alien Invasion here . A beautiful creation the carries on the X-Com fun.

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Gran Turismo 4 – Free Demo Disc

Can’t wait to play Gran Turismo 4? Well, if you head on over to the Toyota website, and order the brochure for a Prius, you’ll recieve your very own 2 track playable demo of GT4. Make sure you choose the Prius though!

Source: GamePro

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Way cool return of Infocom Games

Ray was sitting on this one and didn’t tell me till now. Back in the day before graphics, when mainframes ruled and text was the way of the game. Classics like Zork, online choose your own adventure games where you explored the story line, the first virtual worlds. Well, since we are now all addicted to instant messaging, open up your AIM (America Online Instant Messenger) and add infocom2 or infocom3 to your buddy list and just say “hello?” You’ll instantly find available at your fingertips, a host of classic text games that you can explore just by chatting back and forth with the system. Even save your progress!

More info here.

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Do you miss TradeWars?

If you’re like me you may have played TradeWars back in the days of BBS. Well the next evolution is here, Alien Assault Trader. It’s web based, open source and of course free. You can check out their project on SourceForge.net here. I’ve already setup a server, and we’re looking for new players. There is a lot of strategy to the game, and it has a great deal of complexity to explore. See you around the universe.

Play Now!

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XBox Price drop

According to CNN, Microsoft is planning on dropping the price on their XBox console in April. Good news for me after mine died a sad and early death. Stupid flashing Christmas light of death!

UFO Alien Invasion

I spent many hours, ney, days playing UFO Enemy Unknown. But that was years ago, and attempts to get the software to run on modern operating systems, has proved to be impossible. But there is hope my friends, UFO Alien Invasion is in development, and, FREE! Not just free, but vastly improved in overall graphics and game play. There is a playable demo available for free here. It allows you to go on missions, but there are no bases, and no research. Never the less, it is certainly enough to keep you checking back to the main site every, stinkin’ day in hopes that your dream of playing UFO again has come true. (I really like this game)

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Legend of the Green Dragon

So I was always a fan of Legend of the Red Dragon, which I used to play on BBS’s back in the old day. Today, Ray wrote about Legend of the Green Dragon. A remake of that wonderful game, but completely browser based. With some quick reading, it turns out that the game is free, and now available on SDF1. So enjoy!

Play Legend of the Green Dragon

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I finished Prince of Persia for the XBox on the weekend. Not a very hard game. The final battle was particularly disappointing. It had little challenge at all. With the difficult battles throughout the game, you are being swarmed, which makes it hard. Sadly the final battle wasn’t some marathon fight, but a one on one. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics where stunning, the game play was fluid, and ALOT of FUN! I’ll probably play it through again, see if I can do it any faster.

PS: I also unlocked the first 2 Prince of Persia games. An amusing little bonus feature, funnily I found them harder than this game.

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Prince of Persia

I used to play Prince of Persia way back, on my computer. But the latest installment, Sands of Time is awesome!!! I’ve been playing it on my Xbox and it is by far the slickest game I’ve seen so far. Fantastic character control, very akin to the Matrix. Pretty cool story line, and a good load of humor to keep you entertained.
Anyhow, I should get back to the game. It’s mildly addictive 😉

Are video games too hard???

I read this article about Auto-dynamic difficulty in gaming. The idea is that as you play the game, it adjusts the difficulty automatically to your skill level. Changing values such as how hard you hit and how hard you’re hit back. Makes a lot of sense to me. I’m never sure what level I should set the game to in order to get the most out of it.

Read more

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GTA III Done, on to Vice City

I finished GTA 3 this morning. Yay! Now on to Vice City. The later is definitely more of an adult game, if that is possible.
Parents, DO NOT buy Grand Theft Auto for your kids. On that subject, here is a hint when buying games. There is a rating system, just like movies. It describes what age group the game is for and what levels of violence might be in it. Buying an M rated game (Mature) is exactly the same as buying your child some Porn or an R rated movie.
More information here:
Entertainment Software Rating Board

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Knights of the Old Republic – XBox

I finally got around to finishing KOTOR. I played as a good guy this time through. I’ll have to do it again and rule the galaxy instead of saving it 🙂

Pretty cool story line all told. I think that gets missed from a lot of Role Play Games. Plus fairly good voice acting, always important when dealing with characters that you are supposed to empathize with or despise.

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Jeff and I spent all day yesterday, playing Dead or Alive Xtreame Beach Volleyball. Ohmygod. Best game ever! DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball

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The Sims

Did you ever play The Sims? It’s a great game from Maxis… I have a point here, and it is this; I feel like I’m living in the sims.

Over the last 2 day’s I’ve aquired a dishwasher and a XBox. And now, every time I enter my livingroom or kitchen, I want to applaud their presence and it brings a smile to my face. In fact, I’m smiling right now writing about it.

I ran the dishwasher for the first time today.. ahh.. clean effortless dishes, plus time to play my new XBox 🙂

I think I’ll go do that now in fact. TTFN

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