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Daddy Daughter Day

Today Audrey and I spent our first full day together as Mommy got ready to cater a wedding. We had a nice breakfast with banana oatmea l mush and Mommy headed off to work.

Audrey got to ride in the RSX for the first time ever, and loved it. Nice big window to look out with her backwards facing seat. We bought some window plastic to seal in her bedroom window to try and keep some of the winter cold out. Audrey helped me by watching me put up the sheet of plastic quietly from her crib, playing with her toys.

Then we called Great Granny to see how she is doing and Audrey listened intently to Granny’s voice, but didn’t have anything to say. Granny got the video Mommy had produced and sent out to all the Grandparents both new and great.

We had a lovely dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Including a demonstration of how she can rock back and forth in her booster seat and move the chair it is strapped to. Then it was a very tired Audrey heading home, having a bath and bottle and off to sleep. Mommy didn’t make it home until 4am.


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