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News – Conjecture vs Fact

Apple has a media event planed for later today, where they plan to announce something.

Now, this morning, while listening to CFRB 1010, a trusted News agency, they reported that it would be in fact an Apple Tablet, reporting it’s size somewhere between an iPhone and a laptop.  It would play music, display books and movies and cost around $1,000.

ALL of that is conjecture and speculation.  None of it is fact.  Since Apple has yet to announce the product, and they wouldn’t announce it to separate news agencies before their event, my news report contained fabrications.  Statements portrayed as Truth with no reliable source to back them up.

This kind of main stream reporting tends to happen more frequently in the technology sector.  Especially with high profile consumer electronics where there is a LOT of conjecture by the technology blogs, including cleverly created images depicting mock-ups of these fictitious devices.

I’m going to wait and see what the announcement is, because it does interest me as a person who enjoys technology. Who knows maybe this mornings lies will be this evenings truths. But it doesn’t excuse the lie.

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