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3Web and CIA Internet

Don’t buy.

They over sell their network meaning that speeds are abysmal when you want it the most. By extension of their over selling, they clearly don’t know how to manage their infrastructure.

After giving them a week to resolve the issue, and having already spent over a month trying to fix it myself, their only solution was ADSL which is by Bell’s own admission not suitable in my area.

No refund was provided, no apology. Just some smart ass who doesn’t think that 7 days is all that long to leave a customer without quality service.

3web.com cia.com

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Glen February 10th, 2009 8:21 am

I’ve had 3web now for about 18 months, I do admit their customer service is shit, but since I don’t have a lot of trouble with the service, it doesn’t bother me.
Like any service, you will have better or worse quality in different areas. Apparently my area is good for them, yours not so much.
It works out for me, since I don’t want cable, I always hated Rogers for forcing me to pay for it just to have internet, and Bell would force me to have an even more expensive home phone line just for internet.
Sucks that your experience wasn’t as good as mine dude.