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Dear, you missed the firemen.

So, I fixed my bike last night. Pulled off the fuel cock, and learned that there was a tear in the fuel line in addition to the piece that wasn’t supposed to come off.

The first removal went perfectly fine, no fuel spillage or anything. Put the new part on, which has a much larger switch for changing the fuel settings between PRI-ON-RES. Unfortunately I overlooked the two washers that are required for the two bolts that hold on the fuel cock. So, it started to leak a bit.

I repeated my steps of siphoning out all the gas and running the bike on reserve till it died and tried removing the bolts again, which resulted in a considerable spill, hence the firemen reference in the title and their presence at my home. No flames, just needed some help cleaning up the fuel.

Found the washers I needed on the old part, removed the entire gas tank and installed it fresh. New fuel line too. Everything seems to be running quite well now. No leaking no added smell of gas other than what was already there from last night.

Bikes are fun.

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