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Motorcycles are fun!

I’ve had more than a few problems with my used 1980 Suzuki GS400. Everything from missing return springs on the rear brake pedal to the recent constant leaking fuel cock.

But today on my ride, the engine died and I figured I needed to flip to reserve. I did and no luck. I looked down to see if the loose fuel line was too loose, nope. The problem seemed to be that the carbourator had in fact fallen off the engine block. Apparently I was missing two hose clamps, that I have since installed.

The new fuel cock arrives next week. I think THEN I’ll have all the parts I’m supposed to have.

Motorcycles are fun.

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Ray Slakinski September 4th, 2008 11:09 pm

I’m thinking you should get a bike born in the last decade 🙂