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Happie’s Adventures at the Grandpeople’s!

Dsc 1143

Oh, dear! What on earth is that dog doing?

Dsc 1155

He’s got his head down a chipmunk hole he’s ‘expanded’ for himself. I wish we got a picture of the chipmunk leaving through the other end of the tunnel. He’s very sorry about the lawn.

Dsc 1126

Whatcha watching, Hap?

Dsc 1164-1

Just his turkey friends heading towards the pond. “Heck! Those are HUGE budgies!” After circling each other a couple of times Happie and the male turkey developed a mutual respect for each others ability to kill the other, they get along quite peacefully now. Happie follows them around as long as their don’t extend their wings, then the dog is out of there.

Dsc 1198

On the way to the pond following the turkeys we met up with Happie’s other unexpected new friend! Their initial meeting had everyone pretty worried but Happie never got too close and as you can see the porcupine doesn’t even have his quills up. Their respect for each other was quite the relief, it would have been a traumatic week if Happie had learned the hard way about leaving wild animals alone.

Dsc 1182

Squishy! He’s actually blind in this eye, hence my being able to get so close. His blindness is also the reason we think he didn’t run away from Happie initially. The dog curiosity and the porcupines realization the dog wasn’t going to eat him was the beginning of their friendship.

Dsc 1186

Once he saw me he quickly decided I wasn’t a friend and the quills came up.

Dsc 1131

That is one quality dog.

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