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Designer Dogs….available at Walmart

I had a funny conversation today with a friend about ‘designer dogs’. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but when did this trend start? I thought names like Labradoodle and Yorkipoo were just things people made up to feel more special about their dogs being crossbreed….why thats important I don’t know. I thought just chiuaua’s were in style, thank goodness its not so. Adopted dogs are the only cool dogs around here.

Today I learned about Bugs. Bugs, apparently, are Boston Terrier X Pug crosses. The cross between the two breeds make their eyes bug out of their heads, creepy. I don’t know if thats where the name came from but from the pictures it was an accurate guess.

Porkie is funny too, a pug and a yorkie. That would be one seriously ugly ugly dog.

Puggle also sounds stupid, pug and a beagle.

Other funny dog crosses:

* Bearded Chin (Bearded Collie & Japanese Chin)

* Boy Toy (Boykin Spaniel & Toy Poodle)

* Bull Shitz (Bull Terrier & Shih Tzu)

* Havapinch (Havanese & Doberman Pinscher)

* Chocolate Malt (Chocolate Lab & Maltese)

* Annoyed (Anatolian Shepherd & Samoyed)

* Great Scott (Great Dane & Scottish Terrier)

* Cold Duck (American Eskimo & Duck Tolling Retriever)

* Brittanytese (Brittany Spaniel & Maltese)

* Nopeeking (Norfolk Terrier & Pekingese)

* Jack in the Box (Jack Russell & Boxer)

* Sushi (Sussex Spaniel & Shih Tzu)

* Pie in the Sky (Pit Bull Terrier & Skye Terrier)

* Hairy Rat (Harrier & Rat Terrier)

I pray that these are joke names for dogs. They have to be, no way would you ever see and Great Dane and a Scottish Terrier breed. But they are funny.

If Happie was a designer dog he would be a Bullshit Lab Germ.

You to can have your very own ‘designer dog’ check out your local humane society or petfinder.com for hundreds of listings.

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