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The Auto Show helped me pick out my new car

Main Element

We spent some time looking at potential next vehicles as well. It would be really nice to have a small SUV, make life alot easier for traveling with the animals. My criteria included functionality, no minivan likeness, and the same or better fuel economy than what I drive now. The SUV that met all of those requirements was the Honda Element. I absolutely love them!! I love them even more every time someone mentions how much they hate them, they are so unusual.

I went into a Toyota dealership and looked at the Hybrid Highlander too. Its the stupidest design EVER! They’ve added a third row of seating that folds down into the trunk but it makes the floor too high up. We want the dog to be able to sit/lay down on the floor when we travel and its so unsafe if he’s going to be up so high. The element gives us the ability to put a dog bed on the floor right behind the front seats and clip his seatbelt harness to the floor. Super safe for him. We could even travel with both cats and the birds! we could actually go places! Its fantastic.

Going to go test drive one this week sometime to see if its actually any good to drive. I don’t want it to drive like a truck. Then I’ll get to dream about it for months….potentially years before I can actually afford one.

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