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Doggy Dinner


During a recent foster home visit I met a woman who had done some research on pet foods and recommended to me that I take a closer look at what I was feeding my beloved Happie.

I was feeding him Purina Pro-Plan food, it comes fairly well recommended and is a decent food but since we started him on that food years ago there has been a new development in dog food and the shelves are now overflowing with healthier more natural dog foods.

So today Jason and I went down to SuperPet and spent an hour and a half reading dog food labels in the healthy-food isle. We picked up Merrick Wilderness Blend Gourmet Entree’ dry food. Its made with buffalo, venison and salmon meat, and those actually are the top three ingredients on the label. Its also full of freeze dried carrots, potato pieces and whole peas, as well as apple and blueberries. We’re impressed enough by his reaction to it (he’s never been really interested in food and he was excited about this stuff) that we thought his table needed a setting more reflective of his tastes. (You’ll notice his bowl is licked clean)

You should check out the ingredients in what your pets are eating and re-evaluate. Merrick is coming out with a cat food in the spring, Pandora and Duncan are excited already (they ate the dogs food as soon as his back was turned).

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