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New Kitchen!


So this is the general idea. Dark grey counter tops with black trim is a really nice look for less than a home depot counter top. Our real-estate agent thinks it’ll add real value to the place… but not until after we buy it, she was sure about that. lol


This is our pretty new tiles, white subway tiles, very trendy right now, I had no idea until watching TLC on saturday and we saw them on every show! So now I’m in style too, bonus!! We even came up with a new Life Lesson for TLC “just because you saw Mike Holmes grout tile doesn’t mean you know how”. We figured it out anyways…at 1:30am in a panic to fix it before the grout dried.


New dishwasher, my personal favorite! And the new microwave cabinet for extra storage and we gained back the cabinet on top of the fridge that was blocked by the microwave before.

So this is the new kitchen! Its not quite finished yet, we still have some minor details to work out….like repainting EVERYTHING because the cabinets are definitely yellowish compared to the white of the new tiles, appliances and microwave cabinet.

We’re really grateful to Glenn for coming down here and designing this for us and really making it happen…AND on such short notice, so sooner did we think ‘mmmm, new kitchen’ did he have plans and room in his busy schedule for us. We look forward to many family meals in our new space!

We also want to thank our friends for coming over to help and for thinking but not announcing how glad they are for having bought new homes from builders. lol

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