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Kitchen Renovation – Before Pictures

Unfortunately I never got around to taking a picture of my kitchen when it was all set up and clean….probably because the clean part was so rare. But I have ‘before’ pictures from after we emptied all my stuff out.


To my old kitchen I say “screw you tacky fruit fake tiles!” Some people just have such terrible taste. Check out this pic from before we moved in.


This is the disaster we got to work with when we moved in. First thing was to rip out all the fruit boarder, fruit light switches etc. but those fake fruit tiles were a real pain. We replaced the fridge with a fancy new one and replaced the stove with our own. Then we painted all the walls my favorite colour of all time…turquoise!! Yay! We also put in some more modern lighting that was directional and brighter. I’m a big fan of my kitchen and I can’t wait to have more room in it!

Next step: Built in dishwasher, new counter top and MORE SPACE!!! YAY!!!

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