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Punta Cana – Day 6

Today Staysea’s cold that we managed to leave behind caught up with us. So we spent a good portion of the day sitting in the shade. We found a perfect spot in among some trees that had grown over to provide a nice little cave of leaves. There was a tiny yellow breasted bird that came and ate the bugs for us.

In the evening, we went for our Dominican dinner. I had a Cocochco soup which was chicken, beef and pork in a vegtable broth. Very good. Staysea had the chicken, which was much you would expect it to be if the Sweedish Chef went crazy with a cleaver on a whole chicken. The staff gave Staysea some sort of drink that was supposed to help her throat and cold, she drank most of it as we really where not quite sure what it was. Tomorrow we head back, but late so we should be able to get a bit more sun before we leave.

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