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Punta Cana – Day 5

Today was our excursion. We went to the Marinarium. It’s an oceonographical conservation area where they teach conservation and enviromental protection. We where picked up at 1pm from our hotel in a nice air conditioned bus for a 25 minute drive to the Marinarium.

When we got there we where greeted with drinks and waited for a few more people to show up. Then we headed out on a catameran to the coral areas, and the padocks. Since we’re both excellent swimers, we went on the advanced tour which was 45 minutes of snorkling around the coral where we saw LOTS of fish. Schools would come right up to you. I saw a small stingray grey with black spots, about the size of a dinner plate. Staysea and I had lost touch with each other until we made it to the podocks where we swam right next to nurse sharks and sting rays. I think Staysea was expecting pet store sized sharks and sting rays, but the sharks where a good 8 feet, and the sting rays where a good 5-6 feet long. I dove down and swam along side one of the nurse sharks on a couple of occasions, as well as the sting rays. Staysea got caught up when someone was chasing one shark and it met up with another 2 sharks, who then swam up to avoid each other and grazed her somach with it’s tail, very exciting for both of them the shark and Staysea. After the sharks and sting rays, we headed along the coast to a bay where the water was only 4 feet deep, and we where treated to a good round of drinks in the water and Bob Marley music. We were told that the local school childen get to take the same trip we did, minus the floating bar, to learn about local marine life and how to better take care of it for the future.

After a shower back at the hotel, a few of the local vendors where setup in the lobby. Staysea managed to haggle an amber necklace down from $95 USD to $15 in one shot. Good job honey. Another fantastic day.

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