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Punta Cana – Day 4

Today was of the lest exciting days, as we woke up, ate breakfast, had a nap, had lunch then sat in the sun. Staysea did get to hold an iguana that was quite lovely and wierd feeling all at once. I saw a pelican while I was out for my daily swim in the ocean.

We did have dinner at the Italian restaurant, had a very nice bottle of wine we paid extra for. Staysea made a new friend, a little white kitten with patches of black and brown. She tried to pick him up, but he would have none of that, so she ran into the buffet to grab some tuna for him. He had her number pegged though, he was waiting for her when she came out and ran once around her legs before accepting her gift of fish. There is a slight but little chance we will actually make it to the disco tonight. Hopes are high that one day some time we will be awake past 10pm and willing to travel.

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