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Punta Cana – Day 3

Today, since we burned our legs so well yesterday, we decided to spend time in the shade. We got up a bit later, had breakfast and headed beach side to sit near the ocean and watch the waves.

In the afternoon after lunch we headed into the little village next to the resort. It really is just a shopping area, with a number of little places setup. The people were very nice, not too too pushy, but eager enough to show you what they had to sell. We went down the road to the end of town, about a 5 minute walk to buy some cigars from a shop that the tour guide recommended. They were the best cigars I’ve ever had very smooth and nice. I bought 10 of them at full price, which I feel quite good about. Thirty-five USD for 10 cigars is an excellent price, and will get a lot further purchased locally than back home. We also stopped in at the grocery store to purchase 2 bottles of rum and sun screen. Our bill came to 600 pesos, or about $20 CND, the lotion was the most expensive 300 pesos.

When we got back to town I played a round of water polo, had one good save as the goalie and 2 goals playing forward. Staysea watched from the deck of the pool. Then it was back to the beach for some shade and Bana Mamas for Staysea and cervesa for me.

Staysea also got us a pet for about 5 minutes, a little gecko named Murphy. His is very small. There are LOTS of geckos running around all over the place.

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