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Day One Punta Cana

We did get to the airport a little early, 5pm for an 8:45 flight may have been over cautious, but we did make our plane and have a few drinks before hand.

The flight was more like a sardine can. They added two extra seats on th Aribus 310, to make it 3×3. And too hot. Plus wicked tubrulance, left us both feeling quite queasy and grateful to land.
Customs was a brease, the split the line right in front of us which put us at the front.

The trip into the hotel was fairly short, but heroing, as the roads are muddy and wet, and the small van we where in with 2 other couples going to the same resort, being a little less than off road capable.

It was all worth it though, our room is very nice, with a jacuzzi tub and shower. It took us 3 times of the room going dark before we figured out to leave our room key in the small swipe pad next to the door. That leaves the power and AC on in the room while you are there.
This morning we had a nice breakfast with quick service and wonderful coffee. Then an orientation of the facilities, and some time in the pool next to the bar. While we where there two gentlemen with a little monkey came around, and had the monkey posing for pictures. He was very cute, his name was Punta. He would sit on your shoulder then lay on his back when you cradled your arms. Quite the charmer.
Now off to lunch and down to the beach for some ocean.

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