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Welcome to Worst Buy

So today I tried to buy a new Palm TX from Best Buy. I had found a lower price at TigerDirect, and wanted to take advantage of their price match policy. Best Buy had the TX listed at $399. Tiger had it listed at $324.
I went in and the only one in BB was an open box, and after standing around for 15 minutes while they tried to get someone at the brick and morter TigerDirect, because apparently the online store isn’t good enough, I was told they didn’t have it in stock, so I was out of luck.
On the advice of my buddy Nick, I pulled into Staples to give them a shot at it. Not only was the sticker price $365, but they looked up the online stock, and matched the price, adding their 110% on the difference between the two prices. So $322 later, to Staples not BB, I have a new TX and plans to continue to take my business to anywhere but Best Buy from now on.

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