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how to survive november

Heres the senario….

Three weeks left in the semester, 4 group term projects due (115%), two more midterms (50%), 60% of in-class participation marks still riding, 1 exam (25%)
= 50% of the marks this semester still outstanding.

Heres the Solution

*install a foot spa and massage chair at your desk

*remove clock that reminds you every 15 minutes that you’re running out of time (such a pretty clock though)

*remove all obsticles between desk and coffee maker (including the dog)

*clear off a space on your desk, move key bar items such as Baileys and shot glasses to within arms reach

*find the most comfortable chair in the house and claim it as your own for the next three weeks (thanks honey!)

sit down, brace yourself and hope its all over soon.

See you in December

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