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We’re Married

YAY! We’re married. Staysea and Jason Johnston-McLeod. Of course you can now get here via http://johnston-mcleod.com and http://johnstonmcleod.com. I’m just working on fixing the times on our wedding photos, so that I can actually go through them in chronological order. I had my laptop setup at the wedding and Spencer collected everyones photos for me. Well over a thousand pictures.

Shannon wins by the way for having her camera clock set the furthest away from the actual date, 25,258 hours and 51 minutes slow. Way to go Shannon. You win! I don’t know what yet, but I’m sure I can find something.

Pictures will follow in the gallery very soon, 2-3 days hopefully.

Thank you to everyone who sent us good wishes, and came out to party, we had a fantastic time and a great night. We love you all.

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