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Fantastic Weekend – Now with Pictures

Thanks to all our friends and family that took us out to have a good time for our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. We had a great time and it took me till to day to sit upright and write this. Really looking forward to the 28th and another party and our wedding day!


This is my nice shirt with a list of activities for the evening. The waitress at the Fox bought me a shot so she got to sign my shirt. It also generated a LOT of attention where ever we went. This is just one bar where hordes of women swarmed me. Back off ladies! I’m taken!


What’s a trip to the city without a ride in the back of a cop car? Not a very good trip I always say. I did manage to get a glow stick from someone, somewhere. And of course my dear friends took good care, helping me with my extra weight. Even with a broken foot, I can always count on Mark.

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