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Guys weekend = score for Staysea

So while Jason was away with Paul, Mark, Aman and John up at his parents place I had to get out of the house to keep myself from falling asleep. I headed down to HomeSense to spend a couple of hours browsing and getting ideas for our place. I do this quite frequently, and a couple of months ago I came across these dishes, fell madly in love with them and bought every one in the store….which was only two sets. After many ebay searches and google searches I was never able to find more dishes, even Janine looked in the stores up near her place. So I resigned myself to only having two place settings….UNTIL TODAY! I walked into HomeSense today and SCORE!! they had two whole sets (16 place settings)! I picked up 6 more place settings to complete my set at 8!!! I’m pretty darn happy about it, there was no way I wanted to spend that kind of money today but it was an opportunity not to be missed. Yay!

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