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Bird Nightmare

vegas and martini.JPG
This week we had to say goodbye to Vegas and Martini. I loved them both very much and miss them every moment.

I’ve had Vegas for about three years now, he was one of my first rescued birds when Jason and I decided we couldn’t be a foster home to cats and dogs anymore but we could find room in our home and our hearts for budgies. He came to us with Glacier from a home where they’d been pets for a three year old child. He’s always been very special to me and a very important part of the ever changing flock, he played a major role in integrating new birds to the flock, he had a very friendly manner and was never timid or afraid to dive bomb me when I had treats for the birds. He was a very special bird and I miss him sorely.

Martini came to live with us last summer, she was part of the eight very sick and badly ‘damaged’ birds we took in. I named her after Melissa and Paul’s cat because their generosity gave us the means to save her life. She had a very slow and heart wrenching recovery and for months I worried for her health, but despite her terrible condition she pulled through. She stayed on with the rest of the flock and became a permanent resident of the bird room because her recovery was an inspiration to me. I would watch her fly and play and know I was watching a miracle. Now this summer I’m praying for another miracle in order to save the rest of my birds for this terrible disease and with the help of our very dedicated veterinarians Dr. Mackenzie and Dr. Jakes we are doing everything in our power to fight for their survival.

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Cindy July 17th, 2006 4:35 pm

I am so sorry to read that you and the budgies are having such difficult times. I hope they pull through. Thanks again for Icebyrg, she flies so well now, and she loves to play “doge the budgie” with Michael and Mom.