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April Showers

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It may just be raining outside but my life has been a tornado lately! Where to start…. well school has been nightmarish, anyone thats been brave enough to speak to me lately knows I’ve reached my upper limit of patience and can turn into a rabid raccoon without notice. But school is done now, at least my classes are done and all of the assignments are handed in.
Now we’re moving on to exams. I find exams 1,000,000 times better than the rest of the semester. I suck at exams, blank paper makes my mind go blank, and writing exams in the athletic centre makes me feel like we’re all busily filling out applications for who gets to be shot by the evil mono-tone moderator first. Still, exams are better than the rest of the semester (which doesn’t say much for how nightmarish school has become).

As you may have heard my brother managed to get his foot run over by his own car, the details on that are a little unclear (scotch whiskey will do that to you) but he’s recovering and back at Brock to finish up his first year. Just so we’re all clear his new name is Speedbump, Skidmark was a close second but you’d really have to have been there to see the bloodly skidmark to not want to re-live that everytime you want to make a crack at Spencer.

My mom was here for a couple of weeks getting Spencer back on his feet so we actually got to live like humans for a couple of weeks! It was great! Thanks Mom! Now we’re back to having our coffee with icing sugar because I haven’t gone grocery shopping and eating questionable leftovers because it would take too much time to dig out the kitchen to cook. This is my least favorite time of year….my priorities get sooo messed up that my car is actually sitting in the garage with a flat tire because I can’t take the time to go get it fixed. Whats worse is that I have to miss Easter!

The summer is my light at the end of the tunnel! I’m working in Guelph for my favorite person I’ve met at school so far Chef Simon. I’ll be mostly working in the kitchen, an activity I find very exciting! I’m working the 6am -4pm shift so I’ll be getting up around 4:30am all summer! yay! Well its a wicked job despite the early morning hours. I’m actually about a thousand times happier to be working the morning, that way i’m home for the early evening to take Happie out for a bike ride..a death wish?…maybe, but so far we’ve managed to avoid total disaster, but alot more of my friends have 911 on speed dial since Happie and I have taken up biking together.

Ok, well its back to studying for me, see you all when i come out of hiding after the 24th of April!

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Kat April 11th, 2006 5:23 pm

Oh Staysea, man oh man. School bites. I’m so glad it’s almost over for you and that’s awesome about Chef Simon! Pretty early though…
Anyhoo, I miss you so much it’s not even funny. I wish we were closer to you guys.
Good luck with exams and I, too have 911 on speed dial in honour of you and Happie.
Lots of love,