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No “Shipping Pirates” please

I’m quite tired of shopping online, buying some trivial item and paying 3-10x more for shipping. Case in point, replacement screws for my Palm T3. Seems that the T3 can’t hold onto it’s screws very well and starts to fall apart. So I went looking for screws, found them from a US store, $7. Okay, that’s not too bad, but wait, they don’t ship to Canada, “Go to our sister store to order them if you live in Canada”. Enter the Canadian store, suddenly these tiny screws which cost a grand total of 8 cents to make, cost $30, with flat rate shipping of $21. After an angry rant, I tried searching again.

Enter my saviour Carmine Castiglia at www.infosystemspro.com. Here, the wonderful Carmine, sells the screws for $7, quite reasonable, since I really need them, and he charged an additional 29 cents to ship them to Canada, presumably the difference in the stamp to mail it internationally. FINALY! The only store in the known universe with a reasonable shipping policy. Thank you Carmine. You’re a saviour.

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