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A month!!

We haven’t updated this blog in a month! Its not like nothings happened in a month, its more like too much has happened.

Christmas was awesome, we had Christmas day at our place with my family, played trivial pursuit pop culture and ate ALOT. Grandma came down with her dogs Ruby and Ginger so we had quite the houseful of animals. After that we headed up to Jasons parents place to hang out with them and Paul and Mel. Mel, Janine and spent a wonderful day at the spa getting massages and our nails done. Happie ran around like a mad man and then crashed for two days when we got home.

New years we had a intimate get together with our friends, played some poker, drank a bunch and made a couple of resolutions I have yet to keep.

Then lucky for me I still had a week off to de-tox from all the alcohol over the break so I headed down to London to visit Kat and Evan who are expecting their baby Finn “any second” although he’s not being cooperative and is taking his sweet time. (Their link will be up shortly)

Then school started again and it was like being hit by a transport truck, this semester has got to be the heaviest I’ve ever experienced, weekly assignments in EVERY class and two online courses that require massive amount of time for participation marks. My head is already spinning. When is reading week again??

Last weekend we headed across town to Rob’s birthday party, met alot of his very cool friends and had a wicked time. Jason and Paul might have been the only straight guys there but they’re both so cute you couldn’t tell. lol

Now two weeks into the semester I’ve taken the morning off to get caught up with people on MSN and take a breather. And also to update our blog because the kitten is cute but its not Christmas anymore. I need to start working on his easter costume…poor kitten.

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