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Our month of customer service hell continues

So yesterday the “check engine soon” light came on in my little 8 year old Neon.
“Damn you little wreched beast!” I say.
So I take the car over to Parkway Chrysler and say “Can you tell me whats wrong with my bastard car, oh and ignore this, and this, and this…I already know those things are broken.”
So I get into the shuttle van and this smelly old Irish man starts yelling at me all the way back to Jasons office, he was upset that he had to drive me so far, that was fun. Good customer service.
Later they call me back and say
“Your ignition coil, wires and plugs need to be replaced, it’ll be about $900”.
“Damn!” I say “I just replaced all of those things!”
“Well” he says “everything is rusted”.
“Fine, I’m going to pick up and bring it to my mechanic in the morning”
So this morning I took the little bastard car down to Wally at Sentinal Automotive in Milton (905-878-8066) and he putters with it a while and says “Those dumb idiots are morons (or something to that extent), you’ve got one bad spark plug wire, here I fixed it.”
“You mean Chrystler told me I needed $900 worth of work when all I needed was one new wire?”
The moral of this long and boring tale is that Parkway Chrysler is the devil……or more generally Chrysler is the devil.

And if you need a mechanic I suggest you visit Sentinal Auto in Milton (On Bronte Rd. north of Derry Rd) and see Wally or Steve.

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Janine December 8th, 2005 1:04 pm

Funny thing…as we were driving into TO this week and driving in front of us was a really nice Pick-up, Ford 350 Dualy, with professional lettering on the tailgate. As we got closer we could read his message, “Ask me about the poor service and treatment I received at _____ Ford in Uxbridge” He must have been really angry to go to the expence of having this custom work done. The old adage is true: Treat a customer well and they will tell their friends, treat them poorly and they will tell everyone they know. In this case everyone driving on the 401!