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Review – My LightScribe Experience

So I bought a LightScribe DVD burner to do my brother’s wedding DVD. Very cool technology, it uses specially coated CD/DVD media and burns labels onto the disk. Creates a lovely sepia look, with fairly good definition. Only 2 problems though. Takes FOR EVER and media costs more.

When I say it takes for ever, you have to understand that there are 3 settings for quality when you choose to burn the label onto the disk; draft, normal, and best. Well, best is good, but really should be normal, I liked to burn them with Best+Normal. That gave a very good contrast ratio and readability was improved. Best + Normal means running the disk through the burner twice, once on the best setting, taking 30 minutes and again on the normal setting, taking 20 minutes. Now making 15 copies of a DVD takes nearly 15 hours of your time. Granted, the disks that I was doing had a lot to be printed, with a photo and text. Simple text would probably be a lot less time.

Overall, I’d have to say I’d wait for a LightScribe burner. Wait till they can print the labels in a reasonable amount of time, or at the same time you’re burning your data. That would be well worth the money. I took my drive back. I’ll wait for better performance thanks.

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