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Hack your Motorola V3 Razr

I recently bought a Motorola V3 Razr. I have to say it is an awesome phone. Very slim, totally disappears in your pocket, and has a great feature set. Except for one missing feature, video recording. My old V551 had it, so why didn’t this one? They are practically the same phone.

Turns out it was a firmware problem. So, curiosity getting the better of me, and feeling slightly cheated, I went forth to the internet to resolve the issue. An excellent resource for information is MotoModders.net they have all the information you need to hack your phone to get it to do what ever your heart desires.

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Seem editing is the first lesson you can learn. Seems are segments of the flash memory, holding settings. By downloading certain blocks, and using a hex editor, you can modify bits within the block, to turn on custom startup sounds, modify the outer screen when the phone is open, change the startup animations and more. Through this editing, you can effectively erase all the branding that your phone carrier has added to your phone. I don’t see why a phone that I own should provide free advertising for a company I have to pay money to. You want branding on my phone? Give me a discount.

You can NOT unlock a Motorola phone, through any software method. There is a hardware key that is required and if you want to unlock your phone, you’ll need to find a service center with someone willing to do it. Unlocking removes the carrier restriction so that you can use your phone with other GSM carriers. Not really a problem here in Canada, since there is essentially only one GSM provider.

Firmware upgrades can fix a myriad of problems, and provide new features in the process. The latest firmware version, R347_G_0E.42.08R (type in *#9999# on your cell to see your versions) provides video recording support, faster picture response, and name search for address book contacts. You’ll need the Motorola PST software bundle in order to make this change on your phone. If you can’t find it to buy it, then a local shop should be able to upgrade your phone for a small fee. There is always the potential that you will bugger up your phone flashing it, although slight. If you’re not sure about your skill level, or you really can’t live without your phone, why take the risk? Get someone else to do it for you. An important thing to note, is having a boot loader version of 08.23, you can check by holding down * and # while powering up your phone. If you are running a lower version, you’ll need to fix that first.

Other things you can do is download new skins to your phone to give it a snappier look. Install free java games that you find in your travels through the WWW. If you like hacking, your phone can be a fun place to play around.

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staysea September 26th, 2005 10:24 pm

I wonder if motomodders can mod my V551 back into one piece? I ran it over with my neon. Not such a rugged phone. But hey it lasted a whole month!