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Birds for Adoption

AlfredCherubCobalt And AlexxaSaraphin

Alfred is an adult male budgie. He was found outside obviously lost from someones home in the Mississauga/ Meadowvale area. Alfred gets along great with othe budgies but is not a good pet for children as he doesn’t have much interest in people and will bite if grabbed.

Cherub is a male budgie probably between 6-12 months old. He is petite, only about 2/3 the size of a regular budgie. Cherub is a rescued budgie that has not “emotionally recovered” from his past life. He does not like being held and is terrified of being “chased” by peoples hands. Cherub needs to go to a home where he can live with budgie friends without much interference from people.

Cobalt and Alexxa are a “couple”. They cannot be adopted separately. Alexxa suffered a broken wing that was never properly treated and as a result has difficulty flying. Cobalt tends to sick pretty close to Alexxa and both of them if adopted together could warm up to a person and become very happy pets.

Saraphin is a gorgeous female budgie with remarkable green and yellow colouring. She is fully flighted and fairly tame with people. She absolutely loves toys, she’s a very adventurous bird who would make an excellent pet if she lived with someone willing to spend alot of time with her to build her trust in people.

Ambrose is a female budgie (white and pale blue). She’s a very tame bird who would make a great pet for anyone, she doesn’t mind being held and given the time to get to know someone she’s quite happy to spend time with them.

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