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Budgie Update

I wanted to extend another huge thanks to Cindy Ironside for her generous donation for the new budgies!! Cindy adopted Icebyrg from me a couple of months ago and has quickly become a bird lover and an excellent care taker for Icebyrg. I want all my birds to go to homes with people like Cindy. So thank-you, twice over!

In other exciting news Shire is a boy!! Shire is the budgie who we were most worried about, the damage from the mites on his beak was so bad you couldn’t see his cere (area around the nostrils). Today when I came home from work enough of his beak had recovered that some small spots of blue are visible, which means he’s a boy. He’s going back to see Dr. Valsamis next weekend to get some work done on his cross beak. He’s going to be a beautiful bird when he’s all better again, but he wont be up for adoption (sorry) he’s going to stay with us.

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