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Newest Budgie Rescue

july 29 rescue colage.JPG resized.jpg

Introducing the 8 newest members to the Johnston-McLeod Zoo for damaged animals!

These 8 pretty little budgies came to stay last friday and they’ve been with us a week now! After much love and care we’re happy to announce they are all doing remarkably well! It hasn’t been an easy process and we (the birds and I) owe a HUGE Thanks to Melissa and Paul McLeod and my mom Ronda for their very very generous donations to pay for emergency vet treatments for Oliver, Shire and Martini (named after Melissas cat). Thank-you guys so much, I really appreciate the support you guys have always given me and especially now during the really tough times. Jason and I are now living with 17 budgies!! Theres a prize for anyone who came come over here and know all of them by name! lol

About these birds in brief: They guys were rescued from a situation worse then I had ever imagined budgies could survive through. They are very ill and infested with “Scaly-face Mites” that eat the birds skin, legs, feet and beaks. The only treatment for mites is very expensive treatments from the vet. Thanks to Mel and Paul and my Mom the three birds who were worst-off got their inital treatments and will soon start to feel alot better.

We will be trying to raise money over the coming weeks to get the other 5 treated so we can nurse them all back to health and adopt them out to good homes. So if you are able to donate that would be incredible! Its $130 per bird for the vet treatment and I can get you a tax receipt for your donation. Our budgie rescue effort are not funded by the Mississauga Humane Society but the MHS will provide tax receipts for any donations. Email me at staysea@sdf1.net.

The 6 of these guys we’re adopting out should be ready to go to new homes sometime after Christmas, so if you’re interested in adopting a pair of budgies keep in touch!

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Cindy August 8th, 2005 11:55 am

Staysea you are so awesome! To everyone out there, adaopt a bird from her! You will not be disappointed! I adopted one from her, and she (the bird) is perfect!

Alison August 11th, 2005 8:37 am

We have had a budgie at our birdfeeders for the last couple of days. Do you help to rescue/trap or can you advise how to go about this? We live in east Clarkson, mississauga.
We have no experience with birds except feeding outdoors. 2 indoor cats though! HELP!