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Round table discussions..etc

DSCN3442.JPGToday the budgies and I held our semi-annual round-table meeting to discuss important business matters. Their requests this year included a collar with a bell for the cat and more variety of potato chip flavors.

In other news not a lot has been happening, I’ve been working and suffering though the heat just like everyone else. I’m pretty excited about Paul and Mel’s wedding which is coming up pretty soon. My parents are in town visiting which is very cool. I won a poker game with Jason’s hardcore poker buddies which was no small task, those guys are good. But other than that I’m just waiting out the summer until I get to go back to school. I was there yesterday with my Mom handing in some forms and we met up with my friend Jay S. for lunch under a tree on campus. I really miss school, working downtown T.O. is really not my thing, too smelly, too loud and way too hot.

Off to watch the fireworks down in Port Credit!! Happy Birthday Canada!!!

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Jason July 1st, 2005 11:18 pm

Actually, the budgies where quite annoyed that we where photographing their event. As evident from Glacier checking us out.

Happie also has a fan club, during our walk a group of kids that we didn’t know came up and asked if it was in deed Happie that we where walking. Who knew our dog was so popular in the neighbourhood.

Staysea July 1st, 2005 11:32 pm

Actually I’m quite aware of how popular our dog is, we have kids coming to our door in the evenings after dinner to ask if he can come out and play. He’s definately the most popular kid on the block.