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Happy Canada Day

DSCN3457.JPGDSCN3464.JPGStaysea and I went and watched the fireworks down in Port Credit. It was a little cool out but it was a good show. We had some coffee, Tim bits and a blanket to keep warm. Hope everyone had a good Canada Day, and there is still a great weekend ahead. Happy Canada Day!

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Elizabeth September 6th, 2005 10:13 pm

I was searching on the net and googled “budgie rescue” and came across your site.

We just lost a budgie today, we were birdsitting for my sister and are very sorry that one of the two birds got out of the cage that was outside on the deck and flew away.

If we happen to spot him in the days to come, do you have any suggestions for catching him?

Do you know if budgies are aware of their surroundings/home and can find their way back? Even though he was only with us for less than 2 weeks?