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Finished KOTOR 2

I finished Knights of the Old Republic 2 this morning. I liked it. I think it was fairly well done, even if Bioware didn’t produce this incarnation.

There where a number of bugs, that I could have lived without, but a nice one that was easy to exploit. That was, the swoop racing. There is a simple way to beat the swoop races, simply speed up to the first spherical obstacle, pause the game, abandon the race, and you are recorded with the time that you abandoned the race. I just don’t have a good enough picture on my TV to race properly. Other than that, the voice acting was solid.

I enjoyed a lot of the new force powers that where added, and the new combat forms. All made it seem much more that the character was a powerful Jedi, and couldn’t easily be taken out by stray blaster fire. That always annoyed me about the first one. But try it out for yourself.

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