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So, Bloging is big news in 2004

Well, it’s interesting to see that blogging has gone mainstream in 2004, according to the BBC News. I’ve had a blog since June 2002, and have convinced most of my friends, save one, that it’s a pretty good idea. The biggest issue with blogs that I’ve run into when explaining them to other people, has to be syndication and RSS. Maybe I’m over explaining how it works, Staysea says I do that a lot. I think that it will take a bigger push than just bloggers telling other bloggers to get RSS and syndication out there as a common place resource. Integration with browsers and mail readers is a good step. I know Firefox, has the ability to recognize RSS feeds and create live bookmarks and the next version of Safari for OS X will have it too. A live a bookmark that branches out, and shows the last 10 articles up on that site. It is handy but can become a bit overwhelming when you have a large number. Plus it doesn’t tell you that there is anything new or interesting to look at.


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