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New iPod

I’ve had an iPod as for a long time. I bought one of the 5 Gig ones when they where first released, and it has been a faithful friend ever since. Now it’s been passed on to Staysea and I’ve gotten a new 20 Gig 4th generation iPod. This was possible thanks to the $125 discount audible.com was offering to new clients. I need to start off that I wasn’t impressed with the button layout on the iPods between my old one and my new one.

ipodv14_071604.gifThis is what my old one looked like, with the buttons on the outside and a moving scroll wheel in the center. It had a nice feel to it, was fairly small and was very easy to use without looking at it. I like being able to feel buttons and know that I’m hitting the right one when I’m driving and trying to concentrate on the task at hand.

ipodv22_071604.gifThe next version moved to a set scroll wheel, that was sensitive to you running your finger around the wheel. But the buttons for play, menu, fast forward and rewind where separated from the layout. Making it a little awkward (in my opinion). It did, however, include the new port on the bottom, that allowed for docking to a station for charging and passing music to your stereo through a convenient line out.

ipodv30_071604.gifMy new one has a similar button layout to the old one, plus it has the touch wheel that doesn’t spin. It also has some very nice features, like pausing when the headphones unplug. That’s particularly useful when listening to audio books. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about turning off my iPod when I unplug it from my car tape deck. The new one, although you can’t tell from these tiny photos, is only half the thickness of my old one, with 4 times the storage and 150% the battery life.

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