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I Hate The CRTC

I hate the CRTC with the burning furry of a thousand suns. Why is it that as consumers we are very often left behind in fair and competitive offerings from our broadcast services (Internet, Television, Phone)?

The US FTC announced last week that they would allow the transmission of internet over power lines and that fiber optic lines could be run to residential buildings. The powerline technology is starting a trial in New York and will provide DLS speeds. Internet over power would completely transform rural areas, allowing for new services. Think about it, you wouldn’t have to run a phone line to your cottage, you could use VoIP technology, and take your home phone with you to the cottage. Rural areas like where my parents live could have internet available in schools and offices, allowing them to keep pace with their metropolis counterparts. The fiber technology is being rolled out by Verizon to residential customers with speeds of 15 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up for $40. That is 10x faster than current offerings in Canada, 5x if you’re paying for a premium for high speed. They believe they will be able to get the speeds to 30 Mbps soon. I can’t even get Bell to update my neighborhood so I can achieve their lowest speed offering, and I live in the middle of a city with 600,000 people.

And how about cellular service? Well, lets see, I can go with Bell, Telus, Rogers or Fido Rogers. What about our neighbors to the south? Invariably more choices with plans that include nation wide calling, free calling between family members, better signal strength (thanks to regulations allowing more powerful towers) and number portability. Never heard of number portability? Say you actually want to switch between any of the holy trinity of cellular providers, and keep your phone number, YOU CAN’T! Keep your phone number? Who would want that?

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Staysea October 25th, 2004 11:20 am

The CRTC is the facade protecting the interests of the monopoly “holy trinity” and the government that makes a crazy fortune taxing us on everything.

If they allow Canada to advance technologically the prices of internet, cell phone service, long distance phone calls all drop —> BELL, TELUS and ROGERS loose money —-> Government makes less taxes on us. Do we really think either side is going to let that happen. Even if we did start getting these services into Canada they’d be controled by those three companies and priced accordingly.