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Google Desktop

Last week I started using Google Desktop. It is an application that brings the searching power of Google to your local machine. It changed the way I use my computer. The download is very small, so even people on dial-up can use it. It requires a gig of hard drive space to install, which is my only complaint, and will index just about all of your office files, email and AOL messenger (if you’re one of those who uses it).

The biggest help to me, has been my ability to search through my 5,000 + emails at work easily and quickly. The built in search for Outlook 2003 (frankly all Outlook versions and Windows for that matter), sucks! The results are fast and give you the ability to narrow the search to Message Chats, e-mail, Files or web history. For the email results you can even reply, forward and open the email, which will pass to your Outlook or Outlook Express.

Give it a try. You’ll love it. Keep in mind that it is beta, so there will be new features added. I’m looking forward to being able to search my MSN message history, or the MP3s on my computer.

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