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Canada and the Death Penalty

I don’t usually write about very controversial topics, but I was listening to Peter Shurman on CFRB 1010, and he was discussing the death penalty. Specifically he was talking about a case in Alabama where James Hubbard who is 74, is scheduled for lethal injection today. He killed his girlfriend in 1977, after being released from prison for another murder conviction. His girlfriend was found shot 3 times in the chest and face. He was actually convicted twice in two separate trials, on in Sep 1977 and again in April 1982. The argument now is that he is old and sick, and shouldn’t be put to death. If put to death, he would be the oldest execution in US history.

I have a few problems with the death penalty, and they are mixed on the for and against sides. On the against side, death is not necessarily a deterrent for committing a crime, it only counts if I get caught, and I wouldn’t be doing the crime if I was sure I was going go get caught. And what happens if the trial was wrong? An innocent execution is no better than the original crime.

On the side for the death penalty, I feel a bitterness when I think that people like Carla Homolka and Paul Bernardo and others like them are living a heathy existence in prison. Paid for by public taxes, including the taxes of their victims. I can walk down the streets of Toronto and see a great many people who better deserve food and shelter. The money spent keeping a life sentence in prison for multiple murderers and the like would be much better spent by cutting them out of society and giving the rest of the money saved to public shelters for homeless, battered women, and other social programs.

I honestly don’t know if I could make a decision if someone lives or dies. Good or bad. I hope I never have to. I just needed to voice my opinion.

What is yours?

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Staysea August 5th, 2004 5:06 pm

Unfortunately on average it costs American tex payers 3 times as much to go through the process of killing a person as it does to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives. If we could kill child murderers like Bernardo cheaper than keeping him in Kingston Pen with a PlayStation3 I would be all for it.

John August 5th, 2004 10:11 pm

Well, Iíve always been mix on that issue as well. But I do tend to side on the lesser of the two evils. Killing a person certainly prevents them from ever committing that act again! But dose that make anything better, or right? I tend to think no. Iím not big on government either, considering how theyíve buggered up just about everything they could. But I do think government actions, do reflect strongly on its people. Take bowling for Columbine, though a vary one sided argument, it dose vividly show the brutality of US policies. Basically I feel were better off showing people how killing solves nothing, and try to find better ways to solve our differences.

Angela January 2nd, 2005 7:18 pm

Having just read the book it seems they are definatley living the good life in jail and if you only knew the disgusting details of the rapes of these children, one being a sibling, you would want them to die a harsh death. Yes I do believe in the death penalty. Maybe people will then think twice when they think about killing someone.