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PulpFiction – News Reader

I visit a lot of websites every day, or at least my news reader does, and I sift through about 200 articles daily. Up until now I’ve been using Net Newswire, and it’s good, simple does a good job of grabbing the RSS feed and checking what’s new. But there where a few things that I’ve found where missing in it’s features. Things such as scheduled downloads per site and better use of screen space.

Today I came across PulpFiction. It does all that, plus lets you save individual entries in an archive, blog about a particular article directly from the app, apply labels and customize the display of the articles in the reading pane with style-sheets. Plus AppleScript support, Filters, searching, and it supports both Atom, RDF and RSS feeds.

It is shareware, and $25US, but there is always the free Lite version as well.

Check it out.

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Justin Williams August 3rd, 2004 4:21 pm

PulpFiction does indeed rock. Labels are the killer feature imo.