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Go Vote

It’s election day and here is some useful information so you can go out and get some information, if you have not done so yet.

Elections Canada Website: www.elections.ca
Here you can find out where to vote and who you will be voting for.

One thing of note, if you are going to vote Conservative, don’t get confused on your ballot and vote PC, that is the Progressive Canadian Party, and NOT the Conservative Party, lead by Stephen Harper.

And in no particular order…
Liberal Party of Canada: www.liberal.ca (Download Platform)
Conservative Party of Canada: www.conservative.ca (Download Platform)
New Democratic Party: www.ndp.ca (Download Platform)
Green Party of Canada: www.greenparty.ca
Progressive Conservative Party: www.pcparty.org

I in no way endorse any of these parties, I’m still trying to make up my own mind. Go make up yours. If you just can’t make a decision, go to the polls, strike your ballot, and show your overwhelming lack of faith in the current party members. But try and remember, that you’re really supposed to be voting for the individual in your area who is going to represent your needs in the federal forum.

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