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Music on the Cheap

I’ve started using an online music store called All Of MP3. It’s based out of Russia and has an interesting way of pricing their music, it’s by the meg. Seriously, you login, find the artist, pick the song or album, choose the type of encoding you want and the quality (obviously better = larger) and they charge you 1¢ per meg. So about $5 US will get you 10 CDs.

You pay first, so you end up with a credit and then away you go. For windows users, there is even an Explorer application that allows you to download their entire database, so that you can search faster and avoid load times, perfect for if you’re on a dial-up or slow connection. The software also will automatically download your newly encoded songs, you need to download them individually if using the web interface. Also nice for dial-up people is that you can have Explorer disconnect or shutdown your computer when it’s all done.

Try it out!

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