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Methanol Laptop

Looks like Toshiba is going to be the first to have a Methanol powered laptop to the consumer market. The biggest problem with Methanol up until October 2002, was that you couldn’t get on an airplane with one of the fuel cells. With that hurdle cleared it was just a matter of getting a product to market.
The fuel cell technology being used will allow you to run your laptop for 10 hours. Then “recharge” by adding more fuel in a matter of seconds. This means staying out of the office indefinitely. Except maybe to get some coffee. No word though if there will be a traditional battery in the laptop as well, or if you run out of fuel, then you’re out of luck. Plus how much is the fuel? I can pretty much plug my laptop in anywhere I find a plug and charge up for free. And where do I find the fuel? Fill up my car and my laptop perhaps? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Toshiba Plans to Introduce Methanol-Powered Laptop by Year-End: “Toshiba Corp., Japan’s largest maker of laptop computers, plans to introduce a model that uses methanol for power instead of a battery by the end of the year.”
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