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X-Com: Tactical

I used to play X-Com a lot, and enjoyed every minute of it, right up until my computer outpaced the game and I couldn’t play any more. But two guys have brought part of that back to life with a FREE board game version of X-Com, that allows you to run a tactical mission. It includes manuals, the board and all the tokens needed for play.

Thanks guys!

X-Com: Tactical:
“X-Com: Tactical is a tabletop war/board game based on the popular X-Com: UFO Enemy Unknown (UFO Defence), computer game by Microprose. You play either the commander of X-Com, the Exterrestrial Combat unit, or the alien commander come to conquor and enslave the Earth.”

Update: I talked about the open source project X-Com: Alien Invasion here . A beautiful creation the carries on the X-Com fun.

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John June 5th, 2004 3:28 am

Cool, but thatís one of the reasons I still have my old P100, now a P160 over clocked to 200. Any way, maybe its as good, or better than Battle Teck!