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Movable Type 3.0

Recently, Six Apart, the company that writes MovableType the magic software that manages this blog, announced their new version 3.0. I was really looking forward to the new release, it promised some very nice updates. But, they changed their policy about licensing. And I can’t afford the personal upgrade.

I use MovableType as do every other site here on SDF1.net to create my personal site. There is no commercial content, I don’t make a profit running the site, in fact, I pay for the electricity and bandwidth for the server running MovableType and hosting 13 blogs with as many authors. Some blogs like “The Slakinski Log” and soon this blog, are couple blogs with 2 authors. I’m very much willing to donate to Movable Type’s cause, I was waiting for 3.0 to give up my money. But the donate link seems to have disappeared from their site with the new price plan.

I work for a software house so I understand the work involved in developing such excellent software, I’m afraid though, that I’ll be unable to follow this latest stride towards excellence.

Thank you Six Apart, I will continue to enjoy using your software in it’s previous version and bid you good luck in your future endeavors.

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