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Dry Water?

Found this interesting article about a new fluid that looks like water, and has the same fire suppressing properties of water, but doesn’t get things wet. Great if you want to put out a fire in a server room, or a library. My question, is what are it’s cooling properties? Could I stick my whole server in a Sapphire bath and keep it cool?

WPVI.com: When Water Isn’t Wet:
“Tyco Fire and Security displayed the amazing properties of the chemical that’s called “Sapphire.”

The chemical has all the firefighting properties of water, yet it will not cause the damage to items that is usually associated with water.”

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Staysea April 16th, 2004 9:37 am

You can’t do that! We use the server to heat that part of the house! If you cool it we’ll have budgiecicles!

Mark April 16th, 2004 5:21 pm

If you are interested you could also look up this stuff called Cold Fire. it isnt a dry water or anything but it works quite well at putting out fires. The Fire guys at the track were doin a demo on the stuff not too long ago where they were putting out burning oil drums and then putting their hands on the metal directly afterwards…. plus I think that you can buy this stuff from Home Depot.