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File sharing legal in Canada?

The Canadian federal court ruled today that the Canadian Recording industry could not have the names of file sharers from their internet providers. This is the same tactic that the U.S. recording industry used, and they where successful. Looks like things are a little different here in the Great White North. Read the article bellow for more.

TheStar.com – Court rules against record firms:
“In what analysts are calling a “stunning” decision, the Federal Court has ruled against a motion that would have allowed the music industry to start suing individuals who make music available online.

Justice Konrad von Finckenstein ruled today that the Canadian Recording Industry Association did not prove there was copyright infringement by 29 so-called music uploaders.

He said that downloading a song or making files available in shared directories, like those on Kazaa, does not constitute copyright infringement under the current Canadian law.”

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The Slakinski Log April 1st, 2004 12:51 pm

Score 1 for the little guy

Our court system sided on our side for once. P2P is not illegal!”The judge says that keeping a file in a p2p system is no different than installing a photocopy machine in a library.” –Chris Hoofnagle, Assoc. Director of EPICPDF…